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Skidoo have you ever worked at a restaurant? I have all through high school. Do you really think you are going to get good service if you tip poorly? I bet the waitress's will see you at that café, an + 508 more characters
What about the cooks? If they wanted to be a waiter or waitress they could. I am sick of hearing how waitresses make more money. If your a cook try having to claim all the tips you make and having the + 255 more characters
Excuse me katie allison I guess the 10 or 15 people that commented on this stupid thread speaks for 8,000 + that live in Miles City.
Wendy they may have festivals but they are not funded by tax payers dollars like schools are.
J Dyba, I know what I am talking about. I really don't care if the school is 80% hispanic. They are not getting funded by mexico. Go to North Dakota where some of the town are 90% German you never se + 160 more characters
How were they rubbing america in there face they are living in america and going to a federal funded school. Your freedom means nothing to you. Why don't you go to military maybe they could teach you + 223 more characters
Josh, Your take is dumb. I served in the USMC for 5 years and that flag means something to anyone that has served. Yes, Kathy should have asked the guy to take down the flag until the flag pole was f + 348 more characters
Why should any of us decide weather there should be the death penalty? If you where convicted without a reasonable doubt of murder the persons family who was murdered should decide wether or not to us + 67 more characters
Bob I was just using hitler as a example on how people think if he was still alive today that he should just be in prison. Which I think is ridiculous. The reason I was using him as an example some pe + 203 more characters
Denise that was just a example. No matter how many people were killed people think he should just be in jail. How about Bin Ladin should he just go to jail? The answer is no.
3 meals a day
Or it suggest that anyone could do what he did and just get put in prison for it no matter how many people where killed. What do you think stops people more 1. knowing they are going to die if they ki + 118 more characters
So let me get this straight everyone that says we should abolish the death penalty think that if we would have captured Hilter, he should be in prison until he dies naturaly.
howdy there is more than one side of the story. Both the parents and kids. I disagree with starting a new thread to gain sympothy after you trashed your ex in another. just my opinion
Like I stated before I child knows write from wrong they know not to lie cheat or steal. For most people that get divorced they do at least 2 things they lie and cheat. The child knows that. Why shoul + 720 more characters
I like how parents think that there children should love them know matter what they do. Coming from a divorced home I new right from wrong and why my parents got divorced. Yes I did choose sides. Noth + 710 more characters
Whats to say if more legal ways of coming to the U.S. were opened if the Immagrants were to use them. If you want to create more ways to come here legally you would have to shut down the boarders comp + 110 more characters
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