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or the road trip back after blowing a 24 point half time lead!! I still have trouble letting that go!! haha
"The mixing of government and religion can be a threat to free government, even if no one is forced to participate.... When the government puts its imprimatur on a particular religion, it conveys a me + 217 more characters
." They talked on tv how Obama gave money to his cronies, the Solyndra, who in turn gave him funds for his re-election. We need to stop corruption !! " ________________________________________________ + 232 more characters
Bruce Springstein Thunder Road The screen door slams Mary's dress waves Like a vision she dances across the porch As the radio plays Roy Orbison singing for the lonely Hey that's me and I want you onl + 1940 more characters
Its really to bad the offesive line let so many people through and allowed them to crush Favre's ankle. If he wasn't 40 and half crippled by taking so many hits he might have thought about running. I' + 60 more characters
Zier, I agree, Phipps and Strobel are are my top two. Warren Venable is pretty close as one of the best natural athletes I played with. But Phipps was scary tough!! Played both ways, full back to midd + 55 more characters
pretty good site for recipes. Grill On!!
There are several companies that will write insurance for this daycare. Call Leigh Allie or Carol at Montana Insurance Managers, Clarke's office 406-234-3353. USLI and Capital Indemnity write a really + 230 more characters
Bankey, Your a class act!! Keep up the good work!! We are looking forward to the golf tourny in August. Keep us posted. JB
Bubba, I'm in. I will go through some photo's to see if I have anything. JB
thanks for the photo. Gladys Murphy is my Grandmother, She passed away the year before I was born, to my knowlegde I have no photo's of her so young. Thanks, John Braut
I really enjoyed this discussion as Gladys and Art are my grandparents. Art is in Helena and doing well, as long as he can hit a golf ball!! This was great, thanks, John Braut
Ya, class athlete. Did Dennis get a first round playoff homegame with that pickup?? If it wasn't for Daddy Warbucks Washington, you clowns would still be smokin pot and pickin each others boogers on t + 45 more characters
WOW!! IM IMPRESSED!! Apparently Bridgier got more out of CCD than I did.
Didn't Mr. Partriage coin the phrase, "The Bankey Schuffle" I can still see it!!
this ones from Bill Scheppler: Regarding an exchange student -coach P... Whats your name?? -exchange student... foreing sounding name -coach P....Kicker! We found a Kicker! here's one from Marty Bucki + 277 more characters
This isn't a one liner but, his Trickle Down economics lecture still cracks me up every time I think of it. He had a big chalk drawing of Pres. Reagan feeding a horse money. The horse in turn was cra + 132 more characters
Bridger, Someone should start a "favorite one-liners of Jerry Partriage" forum. He's a classic!!
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