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Lobster was once considered trash food for the poor. I still think lobster don't taste that great. I prefer king crab or crayfish over lobster. Horse meat most likely tastes good. I would bet $100 tha + 571 more characters
Hopefully we get nice rain sunday night to wash the smell off main street.
Replace the battery in the motherboard... costs like 5 bucks
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Looking for 1970-71 Dodge pu behind the seat factory gas tank. Can be out of d-100 d-200 W-100 w-200. As rust free as possible. Even d-300 tank is the same I believe. will have to look in my hollander + 7 more characters
RE: Powder Coating? 16 days ago
What color? Chevy orange? Not sure i have orange. I can look to see what colors I have. If I don't have chevy orange. Takes me a week to get it. [Edited by Speedbump (6/19/2020 8:54:52 AM)]
RE: Powder Coating? 16 days ago
I can powder coat items that can fit inside my oven.
If you need one to store insulin. I have a small mini fridge for my garage you could borrow. It's not very big. Cant hold much food. Haven't used it for a couple years. Will plug it in tomorow to see + 18 more characters
I think I heard someone with some on radio trader this morning. Was noisy in shop. Not sure if they were inside house broken kittens or mouser outside ones. I wrote down number at work.