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Thank you for your comment. I do find some agreement with your contention that we need to protect intellectual property which is probably being stolen from within China. I am a capitalist and, to the + 1625 more characters
No country was disrespecting the US until the last 3 years. Somehow Trump managed to convince people who had little experience in places other than the US and particularly middle America, that the ins + 2127 more characters
The electorate could see what kind of person Trump was before the election in 2016 and many still voted for him. The concern I have is not so much the president as the electorate which found him adequ + 942 more characters
Guess is not the place to come for current covid19 news. Pleasure getting to express myself just a bit though. Maybe I'll be back. Bye.
For the first time in several years I have located my password and signed into this site. But I had read it at least once before and was pleased to see that there were several posters who shared my di + 1051 more characters
Everything looked to be normal there as of yesterday noon. Meetings being held, several renters in place, used goods being sold on schedule. To what specifically are you alluding?
Yes. In the summer of 1965 I visited Miles City and met the gang of mostly educated bachelors who hung out with Howard Anderson at the Miles City Ready Mix. Doc Hadley was around regularly as were Bru + 393 more characters
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