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MilesCityX 13 years ago
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I would like to recieve e-mails that are like letters to the editor. If you have something to say about the community of Miles City, or anything that bugs you about it Please E-Mail [email protected] + 587 more characters
Excuse me sir or ma'am, but I doubt they would tell you details of any open case. I know the child is still in the home. I have called that number twice, once they referred me to the police because it + 531 more characters
Thank you all for your support. Every day I think about that baby, and I send my best wishes for its life. Someday, that child will have a loving home to thrive in. I know that the world cannot remain + 36 more characters
Thank you polar bear. I think no one will disagree on this post.
This is here in Miles City lol. Last time I checked Polar Bear (aka Donna something) is from Walla Walla Washington, unless she moved and changed her name to "protect herself." There is no point in tr + 326 more characters
It is true. I have personally contacted DFS with another gal who was there, we will be signing statements. We remained anonymous with law enforcement because I know they inform people of who called. I + 381 more characters
I am going anonymous to rant. I know I should take credit for what I say, but I will omit any names. [blank] I saw the other day. I went inside her home, and her baby who is mentally and physically ha + 982 more characters
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