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They also have no good arguments which is why they are resorting to more and more outrageous scare tactics. The truth will only hurt them and all they have is lies.
Kyle we are ALREADY paying for education for those who could not afford tuition in our k-12 system. Do you object to that too? You can only drive on the part of the road YOU paid for?
What in this country depends on money? Justice? Think OJ. Preventative care? All those who can afford good supplements, early care before an illness gets bad, even surgeries that are considered option + 592 more characters
If Walmart saw this as a possible liability issue, I bet they would do something very quickly. I suspect if anyone even mentioned their having to pay for car damage, you would get action.
Beyond gullible. Some are doing it on purpose. Rush today said that preventative care should be outlawed because it makes people live longer and costs him taxpayer money to keep them housed.
The Gaslight used to be mainly young adults. Where do they hang out now?
Does the Gaslight still exist? Alta Club?
I once told someone I grew up in MC and their response was "That town with 5 bars for every block?"
I actually had a person ask today why THEY should have to pay for everyone else's use of the library. She thinks everyone should buy their own books and if they cannot then they don't deserve to read + 201 more characters
I am so sorry for your loss.
My husband and son are firefighters. My husband is an officer now and no longer does active duty INSIDE burning buildings. If you think that is good pay for firefighting, sometimes 24 hours straight, + 277 more characters
howdy, we are the people Michael Moore did Sicko about. 6 years ago we owned several businesses, I had a good job with health care, we own land, properties, etc. I could have EASILY retired 10 years a + 1880 more characters
I agree. I am treated at least every 6 months at U of WA Med. Ctr and there is nothing fancy about the place, but the care is excellent. My husband is treated at Virginia Mason and again, very basic, + 388 more characters
Kyle--sports celebrities visiting sick children? I could get just as well in a simple hospital rather than the one pictured, particularly if my bills were cheaper. In fact, the worry over medical bill + 21 more characters
Kyle, I wish you would not twist my words! A fancy hospital would not have made my husband's brain surgery any more pleasant, and I DID just ask him. I think the picture says a thousand words. Wonder + 104 more characters
I don't believe a fancy piano or a chandelier makes a person suffering from a brain tumor headache and nausea, makes them feel one bit better, particularly if they cannot pay for the chemo that could + 110 more characters
Donated or not, those in charge should have the sense to realize the impression they are making on their own clients. Over the top does not feel good to a person wondering if they can pay for the test + 25 more characters
I agree with you on this sort of thing. In France, the hospitals were bare bones and very simple, but the care was good and it was inexpensive.
I have seen Terri Clark and Brad Paisley in concert together several times back when she was his opening act. I have been to many concerts and I rank hers in the top group for quality. I did not know + 62 more characters
Ditto to howdy and Stone's posts.
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