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Gail, I was referring mostly to Judd and Kacey. Glad you are having a good day. When I went to Garfield, in 4th grade, there wasn't any head lice. But there was a 5th grade girl as annoying as I would + 122 more characters
if your kid has lice... either wash their hair or cut it. if your kid pees on the carpet.. rub their nose in it.. (works for dogs,why not kids?) what is it about conversations to do with elementary s + 109 more characters
It's gotten so bad that Angelina Jolie adopted a child from america..
is that the best you cud come up with?
would a substitute band teacher be considered a semi-conductor?
this line always cracks me up. no matter the context. hands down, the best disclaimer..EVER.
Bobby Kenny left the Montana shortly after we arrived. I guess he saw all those Bonines and when downstairs to check the furnace...
why do i feel like remnant soul is aaron bruce reincarnated. . oh well.. at least the guy likes his family...even the mexican ones.
ready or not...
at least she has been sober for 72 hours and counting...
when i read the title, i was afraid it had to do with the upcoming Bonine family reunion. .
I once saw a billboard as i was driving down the highway that said " God is watching you " right next door to an adult video store.
I am unable to post pictures, but I have tattoos of two of my childrens footprints as taken in the hospital. (havent got the third kids yet cuz hes only 11 days old and im broke)
in my opinion its not the jokes that make it not a kids movie, its the imagery. Too much death, disparity, and dark characters for young kids. also language i don't want my kids hearing. i know the la + 47 more characters
url question for Elizabeth Emilsson: did you intentionally forget the comma between 4H and drama?
maybe "Ed" doesn't like Chris Ledoux...
Imagine the tides Uranus would cause
Being that my wife is 35 weeks pregnant.. these actually might be a hit.
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