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If MAC'S takes over the County Market building, what is going to happen to their lot? We can't let everything on Valley Drive East go to seed!
For all of you who did not attend Shakespeare in the Park, you missed out! My mom and I went and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I am not that much of a Shakespeare fan, especially Romeo and Juliet, but + 213 more characters
LAUGH are so wise beyond your years I completely agree Rubberband Man. Why is it that the older generation of Miles City always seems to be bashing on the younger generation? You can't tell m + 332 more characters
The only thing coming off at any game I am involved in will be the wrappers off of the Rolos
I think that it is unfair for you to group all Miles City youth into the same category as this particular young woman. Not all of us drink and most of us don't run into stop lights!
Angela, next time you play Wheel of Poverty invite me! Skittles and Rolos are my fave
"Stop rhyming now, I mean it!" "Does anybody want a peanut?" "You've been mostly dead all day!" "...but look, the Cliffs of Insanity" "But Weasley what about the R.O.U.S es?" "Rodents of unusual size. + 271 more characters
RE: My ex... 19 years ago
RE: My ex... 19 years ago
I would always use their name. If the person you are talking to doesn't know them, simply explain by saying: "Peter, my ex-boyfriend..." That way they understand who you are talking about, and you don + 177 more characters
"What is this...a center for ants? How are kids supposed to learn to read if they can't even fit inside the building?" --Derek Zoolander, male model (Zoolander)
Erin- I completely agree. You don't pay $6-$8 to watch pointless commercials at the movie theatre. Have you ever seen the ones at the Billing's theatre? yuck.... At least at the MC theatre they show m + 74 more characters
Angela~ Since you got me addicted to reading your entries, I thought I would actually reply for a change. I also love the identity theft commercials. My favorite one is the "lifts and seperates" one. + 342 more characters
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