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I have been proud of the Cowboys and the way they have played through adversity this season. The adversity has been a learning experience for the team and community. I'm pleased with the team and the + 1065 more characters
MSU 24 @ UM 15 Final 1st 2nd 3rd 4th MSU 3 7 0 14 UM 7 0 0 8 Puck gets taken out on the sideline while giving high-fives. This is just a side prediction for the game.
ALL PURPOSE G Rush Rec PR KOR IR Tot Avg/G ----------------------------------------------------------- M. Jefferson 10 85 788 0 196 0 1069 106.9 Josh Lewis 7 3 335 134 168 0 640 9 + 649 more characters
Montana State 2006 Statistics Montana State Overall Team Statistics (as of Nov 04, 2006) All games TEAM STATISTICS MSU OPP --------------------------------------- + 5499 more characters
What killed Burns? Missoula County that picked Tester over Burns by 13,717 votes.
This is my thought on the race: Counties won by Burns; 40 Tester; 16 More than 1,000 votes seperation in county; Tester - 7 (27,849 votes) Burns- 8 (14,848 votes) Tester + 13,001 votes Other C + 335 more characters
someone, I think they have tried that method. I'm not sure, but I don't think most of these kids have swung a metal bat. The Mavs have been playing with wooden bats since the accident. I think that th + 493 more characters
Brian, thank you for your opinion....I can sleep better at night. Have you swung a metal bat in the last ten years? How did you come up with the numbers for your study? That is very interesting to me + 368 more characters
Brian, have you researched the difference between metal vs wood? What have you found out and what metal bats were used in the study? Have you swung a metal bat in the last ten years? Do you think a co + 939 more characters
I wanted you to have the right to e-mail some people and tell them what you think. This is for you that wish to take an active role and have your voice heard. http://www.mtlegi + 478 more characters
In my humble opinion it's great to see Manning shread the Broncs. He usually has two play's called when they go up to the line. One of them is a run and the other is a pass. This is to take advantage + 1118 more characters
I heard that the Mav's were kicked out of the AA' baseball league. I do not know if this is true? I heard that their is two reasons for this action: 1) Changing or canceling of games, not approved by + 337 more characters
Van, some of those guys are all that Jerry had to work with. I also believe that Jerry was very senior driven. Jerry always gave the first chance to the seniors and then look at the younger players. I + 622 more characters
Brian, his last game was the Dillon State Championship in 03. That was his swan song and retired the following week. I think he enjoyed coaching the smaller player and never believed in the "typical l + 710 more characters
Brian, I believe that Jerry's last year was 2003. Then the last couple of years he only worked with the offensive linemen. He always liked working with the offensive line. I don't think he really had + 665 more characters
What are the names of the ALL-STATE linemen under Coach Partridge? That would be an interesting list of names....Brian. By the way I would list Dave Phipps above Caleb Thompson. The amount of games pl + 126 more characters
Ben, what about a coach that did not recieve the attention deserved? I'm talking about Jerry Partridge, line coach from 78-03(?). I would have to look back and research the number of all-conference/al + 406 more characters
Pluto, thanks for the information...I thought that baseball did not have Div 1AA' levels. So, I think that it is fair to compare Div 1AA' football to Div 1 baseball. In my opinion it's still a great a + 466 more characters
Pluto, do Div 1AA'schools have baseball teams? I can't think of any or any in this region....I thought most baseball teams were Div 1 or Div II schools..I can't think of any Div 1AA' baseball programs + 269 more characters
What does Miles City have for next year? I believe that they have two all-conference linemen coming back. I'm sure they will see playing time along the defensive front and had another defensive linema + 1237 more characters
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