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Yes CJ, I do realize it. But they are also probably twice my age. I think I'm done with MC.com...Thank you for not acting like a prepubescent
Aaeden's mom? The spelling is right in front of you and yet you still messed it up. And no, I don't wonder "why me?" I just wonder why you are still posting. I know how people can be on these threads, + 81 more characters
Aw maybe I should. Thank you so much Gunnar. I will let you pay for my house and Jimmie can pay for my hospital bills. This is great. Amorette, the question itself wasn't complex. It was a question I + 737 more characters
And Jimmie, maybe I should and you can pay the huge bill that comes with it! What a kind person. Thank you so much, your input was full of all the answers I needed! Why should anyone who has experienc + 1156 more characters
Ah immaturity at its best!
I don't really want to do the midwife thing at a hospital. The issue here is that I don't want to be in a hospital. Period. I want to do an at home birth or be at a birthing center. Like I said, nothi + 429 more characters
Well I haven't seen a midwife yet, I have to schedule a time to see Pat before I make any decisions right now. I have emailed her and that's it. I have only been to a doctor so far. I have to find out + 62 more characters
Haha Dr. Cook is my doctor. He was the one who kind of got me into considering vbac. He brought it up before he said anything about a c-section, I thought that was neat. He said I would be allowed to + 308 more characters
I'm still not understanding why men, if they have no experience with a baby, helping with a home birth, and if they are not a doctor, why are you responding to this post? (With the exception of the ma + 2924 more characters
David, I don't know why you are responding to this if you aren't giving helpful/meaningful information. If I want a man's opinion, I will ask my husband or my dr. I don't see what the big deal is abou + 551 more characters
Everyone has different experiences. I am not saying this hospital is bad, I just want something different for myself.
Thank you to those of you who have responded to my question and giving me information without calling me names.
I would just prefer women's responses since they are the ones who give birth. Men don't experience it the same way. And the men who are responding to this post are being extremly rude. I wouldn't have + 130 more characters
Gunnar Emilsson, you are on the wrong topic sounds like you need a day job. Or a hobby other than MC.com. I think there are other posts you could go bother And...it's people like you, and the first + 985 more characters
Oh! I was just emailing Pat, actually. There is a birth suite in Billings? When I looked, I couldn't find it. I saw the Great Falls one though. My mom had a midwife with one of my brothers, she was ti + 320 more characters
Argh...my husband was signed in ^. But I would prefer only women who know about the subject to respond.
I am new to Montana, so I don't know much about health care. I am 26 weeks pregnant and I would like to do an at home birth. However, I don't know of any midwives here or if they allow home births. Do + 64 more characters
I'm buying a house right now, the perfect guy to call is Gary at Hardesty. He is really awesome.
What people are saying on your question is down right RUDE and IGNORANT. Calling kids stupid and telling you that you'll actually "have to be a parent during the month of August." My God, Miles City h + 699 more characters
So we'll be prosecuted for moving barricades that we paid for to be put there. Interesting how life works.
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