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Great facility!
I had .6in wednesday, 1.2 thurs afternoon, 1.6 thursday night.
Just had a 32oz mug of Bent Nail IPA for $6 there on friday. Tough to beat that price for a Montana IPA. Delicious.
From The Big Lebowski: Jesus Quintana: Let me tell you something, pendejo. You pull any of your crazy sh*t with us, you flash a piece out on the lanes, I'll take it away from you, stick it up your a** + 51 more characters
Larry French knows his stuff.
Got missed by first cell, then second cell dropped 0.7 in a brief downpour with marble-sized hail. Yellowstone hill.
We had .60 at our place on yellowstone hill. Dave
We had .85 in our gauge this AM. .90 tuesday night. Dave
Gunnar, Very good Brew. It certainly enhanced watching the Rockies trounce the Dodgers last Sunday.... dave
Beaver Creek IPA is delicious. On tap at Rib and Chop.
RE: folf 10 years ago
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Yep, it was a fun course. Orange Spray paint on trees, and hand dug Tees. Great Cardio workout. Very long holes, most were par 4. Dave
Has anyone been successful fishing around Miles City in the last week? Any advice on lures, etc?
RE: Skunky 10 years ago
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DillPickle is right on, we have used this twice with great result. Dave
We live on yellowstone hill. Had around 1/2 inch based the amount of rain i collected in my tanks. Dave
Anna Rapson MSW does excellent work. Old Garberson Building with Julie Krutzfeldt (also great Psychologist). Dave Smith
as much as I would like to be in better shape, Matt Cartwright is the only guy I know who LOVES fitness. He also knows a lot about cross fit as well. HE also has a lot of knowledge regarding diet. Sor + 108 more characters
Hi Hal, Where are you at that the wolves are so close? Dave
Tim was an awesome guy. He was always there for my sister Val, my family, and anyone who needed help. His kindness and fun nature cannot be overstated. He was always helping someone. He will be missed + 43 more characters
Kyle, All I can say is Dave
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