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hmm.... well I guess it would be interesting to know if you couldn't get online and find that out... so I am wondering what the point is here... not like its a drop in daycare center that would be ala + 5 more characters
boardwalk is open 7 days a week they open at 5pm they are thinking about re-opening in april with different hours and a smaller menu.... not sure if they will or not!
pm me please if you do I know he wouldn't want his cell number posted to the public
Anyone have his cell phone? Had it stored in my old phone
I never cut down the Grenz's nor would I ever they are wonderful people that have done so much for this community! and not to mention for myself! simply wanted the facts out not just gossip, they dese + 421 more characters
The last day they were open was last sunday, we were short handed I used to work there for almost ten years and had gotten a call 3 weeks prior that they needed help, one waitress walked out because i + 354 more characters
GROSS! I doubt her one year old will be wearing a bikini and uggs
Sledding, ice-skating.. movies.. that's about it
Didn't Ben Carson stab someone? or at least he claimed he did...
RE: Snow 7 years ago
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Eek wheeler dealer what have I done to you? I work 50 plus hours a week and 6 days a week KIND OF UNUSUAL TO LASH OUT AT SOMEONE THAT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT! thanks to everyone else that have given me + 359 more characters
Snow 7 years ago
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Anyone know when we are supposed to get our first snow?
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