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Sorry, no not that one. Last year there was a store by the post office in the old Merchantile building. It had many differents items for sale by numerous persons.
Does anyone have any information about the Christmas Store? Will there be one this year & where will it be located? Is there a charge to sell items in the store?
Does anyone know what either of the "patches" are charging for their pumpkins?
Can anyone tell us what happened & why she was in Extended Care. I remember her as being so alive & full of piss & vinegar!
Who's cooking?
Many thoughts & prayers to her children & family. She will missed!!
Thanks for all info!! I will be looking forward to the April event & getting a few tickets too!
How many tickets are being sold? Is this state wide or local? Is there anywhere else the tickets will be available? When is the drawing?
Did the band raise enough money to go? If so what parade will they be in & will it be broadcast & when?
Contact the local FFA Chapter or Key Club. Call the high school and they can connect you with advisor for these organizations.
Anybody know what's going into the old Subway?
Geneal is at Agri-Industries.. the irrigation place out on Haynes ave.
Try contacting one of the brand inspectors or calling Miles City veterinary services west of town.
Does anyone have any knowledge of what's going on?
Apparently someone else believed the "yarns" this boy told. There are many "holes of information" in the first entry of this thread. I am also confused as to what DHS is? I have a hard time believing + 285 more characters
I do believe this thread can now come to an end. The misery is over.
Anyone want to predict how much drama Kate will display tonight?
There are some very sad and sick people out there voting!
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