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On a happier note Crackers is fat and sassy and doing great. She is with the other two donkeys Soot, and Milly. She misses having people around her all the time, but is adjusting well to her new home. + 78 more characters
You are correct Amber, it means he is on probation for seven years. If he messes up in that seven years he is supposed to serve the rest in jail. No drinking, no firearms. We will see what happens.
Crackers is doing great. She is growing up to be a very spunky little thing. She hates to be alone and brays for attention. She has given our family great joy. After what happened it gave our family s + 246 more characters
I am sorry I did not think about it that way, I thought since it was in the paper that it would not matter. Wont happen again. I guess the innocent always get in trouble.
The other person was a juvenile named [DELETED]. He is not in custody yet because he is not 18 for another month. Does not sound like they are going to be able to prosecute them as adults. I hope they + 113 more characters
The article about the donkeys is in tonights Miles City Star. Hopefully they will get the maximum sentence they can get. Our family is very relieved they caught the people who are responsible. I hope + 88 more characters
We are still waiting to hear from the police. I guess these things take time. They plan on telling my parents first and then release something in the paper for the public. We all would like to know wh + 30 more characters
Hi all. Good news the police contacted my parents and said they have three people in custody for the donkey killings. They are supposed to contact them this week and tell them the names. Then they wil + 345 more characters
Hi All. Crackers is doing great. She has gotten so big. As I mentioned before we are still thinking about moving her over with the other donkeys. We will do it soon, but our family has gotten so used + 278 more characters
Just wanted to let everyone know the donkeys are all still doing pretty good. We did have a scare with crackers over last weekend she got the scours. Luckily we got ahold of the vet and he said to giv + 312 more characters
They have not made any arrests in the case yet. They said they have had a few new leads, but who knows if they will pan out. The family is still hoping if anyone knows anything they will call it in to + 103 more characters
Just wanted to update every one on Milly the donkey who was shot multiple times. She is able to stand up, but she cant put any weight on her leg. My dad does not know if she will ever be able to use i + 274 more characters
The Loomis family would like to thank all the kind people in our community who reached out to us after this terrible thing happened to our donkey's. We appreciated all of the cards that have been sent + 268 more characters
Baby crackers is stronger than ever and doing wonderful. She is growing like a weed. Soon as I said before we will need to move her over to be with the other donkeys. All of the grandkids will miss ha + 262 more characters
The Loomis family would like to thank all of the people who have reached out to us since this terrible act was committed. It has helped us get thru this knowing there are good people in our community. + 431 more characters
Just thought I would give everyone a update on our baby donkey crackers. She is a very adorable and precious little animal. She is doing alot better. She is starting to run around and buck, and bray w + 525 more characters
We have heard a few names, but as yet they have not arrested anyone. We are begging anyone that knows anything to please come forward. We know that there are people that know stuff and are not coming + 222 more characters
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