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Evidently not, David. I may have assumed too much of milescity.com readers or they're using Bing, or both.
No doubt, Oddjob, you're referring to Rep. Lamar Smith's (R-TX) fishing expeditions against both NASA and NOAA, one of its NASA's divisions. I'm not sure where you get your news these days but it's in + 467 more characters
We read, hear and watch the news, Don, and we know how to google.
Oddjob wrote: NOAH? Did you mean to say NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) or have you been praying in public schools again? That little slip explains so much. Here, read this fec + 250 more characters
Jackson Browne co-wrote "Take It Easy" with Glenn Frey and published it on his "For Everyman" LP, one of his best albums. Aside from dropping a chorus line in the middle, I thought he did a great job. + 255 more characters
Do you feel angry, Hal? Are you angrier now than you were at this time last year? I can't say that I am. I may be frustrated at the snail's pace of progress in some areas, yes, but angry or very angr + 772 more characters
Isn't doing business in a place affectionately known to locals as the "Chubby's building" sufficient public notice?
Thanks for the invitation but, no, I don't think I'll be visiting proto-fascist YouTube channels like Next News Network, Revolution Radio and End Times News Report to hear the unofficial Bundy family + 303 more characters
Are these "witnesses" you reference credible and do they have names? Is your opinion based upon reliable news sources and, if so, what are they? I hope you know better than to expect anyone here to s + 145 more characters
FFS, isn't this the 7th or 8th separate topics concerning this rampage? Why continue to pollute the forum with multiple threads when one conversation will do?
For the most part, I've found that Montana drivers are relatively skillful and careful at speed on the highways, when sober and awake. But there's something about a city limits sign that causes us to + 615 more characters
Has FEMA notified the City of Miles City in writing that if it constructs a new KLJ-engineered levee that a revised map will exempt Miles City properties from flood insurance mandates? I've read opin + 233 more characters
Sanders is our most trustworthy, experienced, informed and committed candidate.
The train has finally left the station! Thank you, Tucker and Richard.
Dan Allen: "Boy"? Who are you calling "boy", you ignorant cracker? The term is "yes man" and your white hood is showing again. You may have lost one of your fellow bigoted European Christians to arre + 139 more characters
So far, we have vague and unsupported opinions from self-identified progressives and we have a defined and supported opinion against Hillary from a self-identified conservative. The needle is not movi + 257 more characters
Why are so many liberals addicted to hammering Republican presidential candidates right now? It's like shooting fish in a barrel, requiring as much thought and returning just as many stupid grins, a p + 696 more characters
I suppose if you support the idea of a coronation then the idea of a presidential primary as crucible is inconvenient, if not annoying.
Gossip from "scannerland", postings to the Miles City Virtual Marketplace on Facebook and milescity.com are not credible sources of public safety information unless specifically addressed in official + 1327 more characters
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