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that's pretty interesting. thanks for sharing!
In case you missed the segment on CBS Sunday morning, here's the link to the CBS website. url
Well Joe, I for one will probably see you in there. Although to the best of my knowledge, I am not one of your political foes...
In Defense of the Iron Horse, I have been there many times since they have changed their name and menu and I have on always found the food to be extremely tasty and sanitary. Sorry you and your frien + 406 more characters
Found Dog 12 years ago
in General Discussion
We found a heeler mix dog trying to cross the main street bridge over the Tongue. Looks like she got freaked out by the storm. Very nice dog with a black collar. If you know someone missing a dog, ple + 46 more characters
Additionally, I believe in your subject line you meant Banquet and not baquet (b┬Ěket?),n a wooden container filled with water, glass, and magnetized iron filings and iron rods protruding from it, whic + 244 more characters
gotta be Mexico Lindo!
As a amateur handyman, I'd like to give props to all the hardware stores in town Steadmans, Probuild, and Bloedorns. I've moved around the country a lot and I've never been in a place were everyone wh + 69 more characters
From Article: "Stratton said he does not think people in Miles City need to be worried that no one has been arrested. "This was a fairly directed incident," Stratton said. "It wasn't a serial rapist o + 194 more characters
Does anyone know if there is an air duct cleaning service in town?
I'm on the side that wal-mart employees are rude and don't care at all about their jobs. But I know its because they aren't paid anywhere near enough and are totally being taken advantage of by Big-Ba + 1329 more characters
Do the satellites pay out too or are they just for a chance at the main table?
Geeze, there is a lot of great ideas and things to think about here. I agree that it needs to in town to some extend (at least within walking distance). I was thinking someplace like Roosevelt Park, t + 560 more characters
This is all very good input and great ideas Keep them coming, I am very interested in what the community thinks. I haven't been to Roosevelt Park yet, but will check it out soon. I know there's prob + 92 more characters
It would be very cool if Miles City had a dog park where responsible dog owners could take their dogs for exercise. I know there's Fort Keogh and some other public lands nearby that allow dogs but som + 893 more characters
My wife and I went to the CA once, never went back. Tried the new menu at the now Iron Horse and it was fantastic. We will be going back there for sure. I actually think it's better than that chainy R + 18 more characters
He will be greatly missed. He was a really nice guy and we were lucky to have him as a neighbor. Our deepest sympathies and condolences to the family.
thanks for the interesting post!
Wooo! Fantastic.
Any suggestions on some good sledding spots not too far from town?
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