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Those photos bring back lots of memories of Keith and Geri. Thank you for posting them and including the links to their obituaries.
Oh too funny! John will get a laugh out of listening to this song again. Thanks, Sondra Harasymczuk
Mark Becker in Billings does an amazing job. He has repaired two of our family's clocks. 406-256-8533
Have any luck finding Ed? Sondra
The potshot was taken by our own mayor. Wow, what a guy...childish, very childish.
Mr. Mayor, rather than being sarcastic and rude why not try to work with Alice and resolve the problem. She is a wonderful woman who works hard for what she believes in. She may not fit into your mold + 81 more characters
Yep, taco meat, cheese, maybe some chilies all wrapped up in doughy goodness! Baked is healthy but deep fat fried...oh yum.
Putting up Christmas lights in your shorts! Just come back home and try that!
I thought Joe was now at Notbohms Quicklube
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