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well another car on 800 block of yellowstone been there for 2 years out of state lic.weeds all around it how bout that one
I think mr dog pound guy should check and follow throu with the 3 dog limit and the neglect of animals....
RE: Fire 10 years ago
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811 yellowstone is in need of some fire men training....
well I have lived for years at 813 yellowstone next door to this family I have seen and heard alot and yes jojo we will be judge by our maker it just seems odd to me you bring up god when you do not l + 305 more characters
all this tells me is the people that are suppose to do something did not.......and have not...fell through the cracks....sad sad.
my name- you must be talking about the 800 block of yellowstone.....come on people where is your compassion instead of mouthing OFF maybe see if you could help in this matter????????DO NOT RESPOND if + 34 more characters
RE: HELP 10 years ago
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HELP 10 years ago
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Does anyone know who owns the property at 811 yellowstone I have been trying to get this place cleaned up since 1997 before the trees fall on my house hopefully someone knows how to help me Thank-you
She will be missed she was a wonderful lady I will miss her smile and her laugh and her company.so sorry for the family and friends lose.you can go home now Norma.
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