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I went to Lincoln School until junior High and have a lot of good memories of that time in my life. Mrs. Keating, Peterson, Wolhowe(sp), Hutchinson, Mogle, and two for 6th grade. Mrs Lane who moved a + 662 more characters
When I was in High School the sign read 12' 6". I remember the occassional truck that was more than that. A couple even tipped over underneath it. On a motorcycle you could get a bomb on the head from + 61 more characters
I am glad to hear that she is town. Naturopathy has a lot to offer people with health care. Their education is at least four years of post graduate learning that is equal to medical training. The prem + 199 more characters
Helmets when worn properly do limit dispute with that. Freedom of choice is fine but when that person suffers his or her head injury and need long medical, rehab, nursing home treatment, + 151 more characters
I knew many of these people who left us to soon. we also have lost quite a few teachers and others from the schools over the years that did their best to make positive influences on many of us. Don Ma + 221 more characters
Spotted Eagle has a lot of potential as a nice family fishing area. Lets hope they can continue to improve it. Many fish species can survive the winters, the trees and other habitat will definitely he + 8 more characters
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I have listened to Tom down at the ball park for quite a few years. He is very knowledgeable of the players, he articulates well and lets us know from his vantage point what happened. Keep up the good + 9 more characters
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