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As for the blame game, I don't think anyone is placing blame anywhere. I see a lot of speculation happening. The fact of the matter is, no one knows what caused the fire at this point. These old build + 345 more characters
Welders unintentionally start a lot of fires. There are codes regulating the practices that need to be in place during welding operations like a fire extinguisher on hand, hot work permits and fire wa + 155 more characters
From the pictures posted so far - I think there is a firewall that may be the saving grace for Big Sky. Stockhills may also be saved, but I am much more skeptical of that. Fire Walls are only good if + 173 more characters
The copper thimble suffered in the McDonald's Fire in the early 80's where the veteran's park is now, futher West on Main.
My mom notified me of this one - I grew up there. She mentioned something about the boiler may have caused it. Being in the construction industry for the Fire Department here, buildings undergoing con + 280 more characters
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