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Butch the Rooster Sarah was in the fertilized egg business. She had several hundred young pullets and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs. She kept records and any rooster not performing wen + 1373 more characters
Should be quite a game today against the aerial attack of Butte Central but I really like Miles City's defense. And we have put as many points on the board this year as anyone else! Game time is 1:00. + 156 more characters
Here's the 2015 Class A playoff bracket. There's even a tab on the left side menu of Brian Reed Stats! url
"Rudy, you can kiss my a** Not on zis side Not on zat side But right in z middle." Hot Dog...The Movie (1984)
Thanks all! I will begin making calls.
Is there a place in Miles City that can re-charge a fire extinguisher?
Q: Who are the two guys hanging above the window? A: Curt n Rod.
AT&T has a tower in Broadus. Verizon does not. Midrivers does, hence the Verizon smart phones not connecting. Voice calls with a Verizon handset work fine on a Midrivers tower, data does not. Richard, + 76 more characters
Try this...
Really cool! I wonder how much it weighs?
What a game! Coach Stanton calls a hook and ladder with a minute and a half from his own 20 on second and ten! Worked to perfection and left Dillon shaking their heads. Congrats Cowboys!
You should be able to get a hold of Rick this weekend. He is holding a riding clinic at the track Saturday and Sunday.
Roof blew off some of the cart sheds at the Town & Country Club.
We got one for our Siberian Huskies and it works great. The bad part is I don't use it often enough!
Richard is correct. He actually talked to a person instead of jumping to conclusions based on what he read on the internet. As for 3G, the current technologies used by Verizon and Alltel are considere + 383 more characters
You can find plans both prepaid and post paid (monthly bill) at Tumbleweed Wireless. We can discuss what your needs are and show you plans that will meet those needs with local, individual service. We + 72 more characters
Thanks guys. CW and I are going to Billings to do the state game next weekend. Not sure yet, but we may be able to do the Signal Butte Sports Report from Billings Saturday morning. Should be a great g + 4 more characters
That guy calling with Wilcox is Rob Pierson. Did I do ok?
The game is on 92.3. Cowboys just scored on a long pass (80 yds.) from Bryant to Kalfell!
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