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what are they going to do about it it has been vacant for over 20 years do you have a phone number for them
yes and I was not even past due it was due in 2 days and my rate is 52.06 a month for 5,000 gallons and they threw a pay now or get disconnected note on my door so I ended up paying 380.00 for a bill + 156 more characters
does any one know what is going on with that eye soar is falling down and condemned and the tress look like they will wipe out three houses
I need contact information thank you
who owns this company and what is it name?
is this now M.D.U.?
where is it now and what is it called?
could any one tell me what this is please?
you dont live here duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have Richard Bonine Jr listed as the Manager of Habitat Management Inc, which is listed under Environmental Consultant in Gillette, WY.
wow I can see by the countless mindless responses that THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH MILES CITY comment on the mother/grandmother who made her son live in a camper for 5 years well the dogs and + 314 more characters
called welfare for the last 5 years even called Helena's top office.....the dog catcher has been here and does nothing....then the Fire chief was called about the fires and not even a ticket....What i + 23 more characters
is it legal to let a 13 year old live in a camper all year round...(in there back yard) that only has electricity and nothing else and now he is an unruly 18 year old.. also the same bunch burns there + 552 more characters
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