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Seriously Mid-Rivers?!
Does anyone have any idea why the power is out?
The top figure appears to be an "M" - While the bottom figure appears to be a name or initials - I see a "VCT" or "VCY" (with a halo over the "V")- I can also see that it could be an abstract figure p + 172 more characters
^^^ if you were a family member that hasn't be notified would you want to find out on Miles There's a big difference between high school drama/gossip that you're accusing and giving out info + 83 more characters
It just goes off and right back on. It used to do this at least once a week; the most inconvenient part is having to reset all the clocks... And missing a couple plays during the playoffs!
Atlantic, just had another one after my last post. posting from my phone.
Add one more to the powerbump scoreboard...
Mine's doing the same thing... Today was 4 or 5 times in less than 10 minutes.
ugh... Kacey's at it again... last I heard the world revolves around the sun! Hi-yah! Chipmunk Ninja
Gallaghers!? Whatever! More like Gag-all-overs! You want a good hamburger in Miles City, go to the Crystal Pistol! Great service too! Mushroom and Swiss so good it makes me want to kill a man with a G + 122 more characters
With great power comes great responsibility... Hi-Ya Chipmunk Ninja
If you are ever curious as to my whereabouts... (just look behind you!) Haha, you surely didn't expect to see me, did you? I could be anywhere and everywhere! I could be in that bush or tree, even in + 299 more characters
You know, interestingly enough, this reminds me of life back in my old village where the town was in an uproar when a black ninja wanted to marry a red ninja (which is forbidden by ancient ninja law). + 379 more characters
Wow... I really picked a bad time to come back here eh? What ever happened to separation of church and state? I know as much as the next ninja that this has never really existed (just about every l + 2414 more characters
Just been crouching in the shadows, jumping from roof top to roof top, started a chipmunk ninja school... you'll probably see some of my students running through the streets, don't worry about them do + 198 more characters
Mediation 15 years ago
in General Discussion
Does anyone know someone in town that does Mediation for Family Law/Parenting Plans here in Miles City?
I'm the one standing directly behind you! *Hi-Yah* Chipmunk Ninja
I better not comment... haha Inevitably that will lead to a resurgence of the "Ban Chipmunk Ninja" forum from last spring... I make people cry... and come on, DUMMY 1 and DUMMY 2? That was a completel + 68 more characters
I sure do miss all you guys!!! haha *Hi-yah* Chipmunk Ninja
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