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Lol. Is it a midrivers employee down voting people. A question was asked and good answers were given.
Thanks. I'm looking into all the mentioned sites.
Looking for an alternative to Midrivers now. It's not worth the cable bill after all the cuts recently.
Huh [Edited by ABE (12/25/2015 6:35:52 AM)]
Huh? Where does it say they didn't find him till the next day? They found him after the report came in. They found the suspects truck the next day. I know it's an emotional time for everyone, but tak + 51 more characters
Besides all that, why would they carve funeral rituals and have funeral images in a grain silo?
My friend Tim and I used to rock that game. One night at work he called me up and said "Dude, you will never imagine what I just found!" I got home and looked and didn't freakin believe it. I wonder w + 53 more characters
Here's a thought. Would it be possible to recreate the Cantina scene, down at the Bison? ....Peeesssccooo..Voooomm...Voommp.. And of course Han would shoot first..
This has the " N" word in it, but it is probably the best video I've seen in a while.
Scratch that last post. After I thought about it, and I must admitt feeling guilty to not step up and run with the idea. YES, if you have good shoes you are willing to give away to someone that needs + 289 more characters
The supply is extreme limited. Bring them up, you can see what's left. If you need anything more ill hunt around and see if I can't get them , but please don't get your hopes up this time, it's not li + 76 more characters
Me. We only have a small selection left. It's been a while since I've looked at them, but just name a time and day and ill try to be there. Any time the next two days is ideal for me, since its my day + 6 more characters
I'd like to know where to dump old monitors. I read that the dump will not take them? Also if anyone wants them, please ask me. They are free!
Are there prizes for the best mosquito costume? If not, there should be.
Holy CRAP!!!!!!!! It fixes the Blue Screen of Death, just by opening it! Does this work on X-Boxes R.R.O.D. ? I want one! Please tell me this site will be selling official MilesCity.com versions! Omg! + 249 more characters
#37, needs more cowbell.
Has someone checked, he may be playing possum? Sorry, had to say it. Play on possum , play on.
Is this the same chick that approached me the other night? You didn't say hello, or how are you,or nice shirt. You just told me to buy you a drink. When I said No, you called me gay, made a huge scen + 271 more characters
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