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Maybe try SpyBot.
I agree with ocne. Cliff does a great job!!
If you use the bowling ball, do put that much of hook on it it might "split".
Thank you so very much Cheryl! It sure puts a seed in ones mind as to where the best interests lies. I'm sure we all know who they are. Although I do try to keep up on things when I can, maybe I shoul + 246 more characters
I do not ask for blind trust. Feel free to do research on your own. Organic refers to just pesticides being administered. Wether be by feed, or any other means. I don't know about the USDA but numerou + 504 more characters
Cheryl. It scares the heck out of me!!
Hi Amorette. You wrote a fantastic article in the Montana Best Times supplement to the newspaper. I really enjoyed it!! Thank you!!
Well homesweet, after being in the food business for over 40 years and having a degree in food technology, I feel qualified to offer unbiased advice if any one may ask for it. Or to make an educated o + 532 more characters
I didn't know I said "Healthy". Did I?
Nothing like Green Bisquits! Soylent Green ring a bell?
So called "Pink Slime" is perfectly good for you! It has gotten a bum "steer" (sic) from the beginning! It absolutely the safest thing to eat. In it's raw form, as with many things we eat, is kinda un + 18 more characters
With mechanically separated chicken, they take the bones and grind them. The hard matter(bones) go out one tube and the meat that is left on the bones(supposedly) goes out another tube. I saw this don + 197 more characters
If any one is interested to start a blog on the true meanings of the wording on food labels let me know. I have first hand expert knowledge that I can post and answer any ones concerns. Just ask!!
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