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Bob Were you there when some troops stole a few full dressed Turkeys set up for Thanksgiving, they were left out the night before the holiday Richardson went nuts, had to wake up safeway mgr. to scout + 21 more characters
Safeway and the Radar Base had a working agreement per US Govt. the base bought many of it's supplies from Safeway. the Mess Sgt. and the store had a deal going concerning S&H Green stamps, the mess S + 270 more characters
Just came across this article,I had arrived at Miles City Air Force Station from Iceland Jan 1960, was not to have another assignment for at least 2 years,recvd. secret orders to report to Key West na + 280 more characters
Federal or State agents Raided and took all slot machines(I think for no tax stamp??)tried to get the ones on the Radar Base NCO Club but we got them out before they got them can remember a local guy + 116 more characters
Now I know, always wondered what happened to the houses, one was named Judys a I remember, as a young Airman out at the old Radar base we would go there for drinks after bars closed in town had enough + 351 more characters
Anyone out there , that remembers Air Force guys from the radar base trying to meet what ever ( Chicks)???? at Foster Drug soda fountain would be in there late 60s or 70s now How time flys
Is there anyone willing to write about the History of famous 3 houses that were out by the old boat lake in the 50s and 60s??? or is this part of MC history folks want to forget?
Cubby sorry to hear you are so upset of maybe my wrong choice of words"Poaching" that might have been a little strong 1st of all deer was shot on Radar Site prop. during season only thing was we did n + 96 more characters
Read about the White Deer in and around Miles City, was at the Radar Base in early60s did not see any , but this last year went to Air Force reunion at the old Sampson AFB in upstate NY they have a he + 256 more characters
Reading "Good Things about Miles City" One thing above all that I remember about MC is the comment made by Julie the people are warm and friendly I found this out in 1960 as a young airman out at the + 273 more characters
Circa 1961 Flew Twin Beech Craft on Frontier Airlines to Billings, also flew in out of MC on a Air Force L 20 our pilots would get there required flight time, we were at the Radar Staion outside of to + 95 more characters
You got me on the typo "Sooting" what can I say!!!
I am A massachusetts gun owner and shooter , was stationed out at old radar base in Miles City when there did hunt and shoot on the range, have been shooting as a sport for over 50 yrs. have a license + 581 more characters
Bob: No not in Miles City I am in Cape Cod, Ma. but I have fond memories of MC as newly married was asigned to MC 902nd AC&W SQ. after returning from Iceland, my wife was an RN at the Holy Rosary Hosp + 204 more characters
Some of you folks might remember the Radar Base, The strips of foil were called chaff was dropped by aircraft trying to jam our radar it was measured in certain lenghs as to jam certain freq. it was d + 71 more characters
Was stationed out at the Radar Base from 1960-62 have lost my auto lic. plate that I had when living in Miles City would like to get a replacement to keep- with others from states where I was staioned + 242 more characters
HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!! from where it all began Cape Cod Ma. story about the disappearance of Thanksgiving Turkeys out at the Radar Base circa 1962 mess sgt. set out precooked birds for the Thanks + 605 more characters
Wife was a nurse at Hosp. while I was stationed at the Radar Base 1960-62 she trained in Conn. our 1st born was born there, he still refers to himself as a Montanan ( Dr. Treat, OBGYN>) ) the Nuns were + 259 more characters
Memories::: Miles City and the Cold War 1950s and 60s Miles City Air Force Sation. have been told a Historic Highway marker about the site will be put up soon.
REMEMBER CHRISTMAS AT THE RADAR BASE, (1960) just married wife at school in Conn. not a good feeling ,so remember all the srevice people away at this time, and to all in MC and my former buddies from + 99 more characters
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