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Call 853-3069 for possible parking.
What kind of material and how much are you looking for?
Does anyone think the old Miles City Steem Laundry lot should be levaled and all the weeds kept mowed? Should have been done at the time of demolation. The lot looks terrible. What an eyesore.
What was the score
I think that the court system should look at this very seriously and give each one a $10,000.00 fine and a year in jail. Anyone that can do this to an animal and then brag about it deserves it. It mak + 11 more characters
Burro's 12 years ago
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What is everyones response on the light sentence for murdering the burro's? Do you think it was enough?
We want to THANK EVERTYONE for a wonderful job they did the 4th. It was one of the best times we have had in along time... THANK YOU
I would like to commend Bobbi, Gary and Chet for the wonderful job they did putting together the all 70's class reunion. They must of been super busy the last year getting everything put together.
I wouldn't think so
To bad we couldn't figure out something to make everyone happy
I'm not agaist smokers. I just think for the respect of others it would be nice if they would not smoke in places that families are. Or if they need a cigarette walk away from the people.
What about the nonsmokers? What about our rights? It is our business.
How would you like it if you sat down at the fair grounds, park or baseball game and on both sides of you someone one past gas and it was very smelly. That is how we feel as nonsmokers. I am not again + 136 more characters
I was wondering if I am the only one that does not like to see adults smoking around children. We have been in the parks and watched adults light up with children standing or playing in the pool. You + 170 more characters
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