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Well dan, come on up and try it out!!!
We all make mistakes, even city judges. Ralph is a good guy.
Bernetta was a classy fun lady and will be missed dearly. My thoughts and prayers for her family..
Firefighters and policeman are not required to take drug tests. It is part of their union contracts.
Uma Thurman : Kill Bill Vol. 1&2
1. Potatoes 2. Bruce Hornsby- Hot House 3. To Kill a Mockingbird 4. A Fishing Pole 5. David Spade 6. My 4 inch red stilettos
Thanks Richard, but I am not sure where my new place is going to be yet, so maybe I can leave them in the ground until I get ready to move, but if worse came to worse, could I put them in a pot?
I am thinking that Amorrette is going to be the one to help me with this, but maybe the rest of you can help as well. I am moving in April to a new place and I need to transfer my 4 rose bushes, and o + 237 more characters
A friend of mine from Jersey sent me some interesting facts, thought I would pass them along for a laugh for some of you more serious folks.. If you yelled consistently for 8 years, 7 months and 6 day + 1190 more characters
Happy Birthday to Mary Christopherson!!! So glad that you are back home!!!
"Rehab is for quitters"
Let me know who it is that you are looking for, and I can take them on my digital and mail them to you.
Eric, Eric, you really need to get out more..
Morris died a few years back, you might want to contact Friendship Villa to see if they have any family information on him.
I too thought this was a great idea when it was first posted!! I love to paint, landscape, and lay tile. Anyone who needs the help, I'd be willing. I need some help with my basement, I have wood tiles + 189 more characters
Happy Thanksgiving!! I have much to be thankful for this year, the kids are healthy and happy, I have a nice roof over my head, food on my table and a lot of nice shoes!! Life is good.
Tucker: As usual you have caused me to laugh myself silly..By the way, I think you could pull the dress off, leave the beard, with such miscreants frequenting the bookstore, I'm sure they would not no + 246 more characters
If you take an onion and cut it in half and wipe it across your windshield the night before a cold morning you should not have to scrape your windshields the next morning. As I don't drive, I am wonde + 103 more characters
Although I can see points to both sides of this story, in yesterdays Star, it was interesting to see the list of individuals and businesses who contributed to to the Foster Care Project here in town. + 77 more characters
The 519 has a ghost that occasionally makes her presence known...
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