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a dog park would be a good idea. people cleaning up after their dogs is an even better one.
That article is just a snowflake off the tip top of the teabag iceberg
You know its ignorance like this that gives the rest of the world the perception that all americans are redneck jackasses. No wonder "they all hate us". I'm sure Jesus would be on board with burning a + 272 more characters
Do the Rastafarians have a book? yes they follow the bible
Wow for somebody who doesn't like all of the rest of us giving this topic attention YOU sure are! Maybe you really have a secret crush?
sorry i missed your sarcasim brian but i mistook you for some of the biggots who would have posted something like that seriously. thanks for the welcome by the way. ps. lowercase is my thing
seriously brian? grow up
"Paying for education is necessary. Health care is not." how is paying for someone elses childs schooling any different from paying for someone elses healthcare? your kid wont die without education n + 202 more characters
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