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Mocking hath occured. Those who darest to maketh bets, always hath a system.
What about Jerry Cantrell and Joe Satriani? They're some of the most delicate and involved guitarists I've heard.
SSommerfeld, The most fun happens outside the limited scope and scale of the BHS. Find some friends, go outside the city limits, make a small fire by the river, drink beer, smoke, and shoot the bull. + 128 more characters
1. Chili Cheese Fritos 2. Anything metal or alternative... Maybe some Queen thrown in for fun. (I'm sneaking extra music) 3.The encyclopedia, because then I would have information, and some fun stuff. + 305 more characters
You are completely correct Ammorette. There is far too much personality in our elected body. And I'm tired of the people who display intelligence and integrity being ignored because we live in a town + 117 more characters
"God is a kid with an ant farm" - Keanu Reaves in 'Constantine'
Jesus hates bigots. He told us to love EVERYONE, even if we cannot condone their behavior. I personally have no feelings about the general gay community, because I believe in interpreting the individu + 354 more characters
Peas are the original pod people. LOL
"There are three types of lies, lies, damn lies and statistics" Mark Twain
I also would like to add that I hate peas too.
If you don't like what you read, don't respond for one, and for two don't go back for more. Belittling people and making yourself look like the 'ass' in asumption does nothing for you. People enjoy th + 200 more characters
Jesus is coming, look busy!
Jesus Saves! And takes half damage.
It's easy to understand if you have an imagination. The buffalo in question are actually terrorists that let their body hair grow out. And homeland security needed to get them away from the 'real' buf + 158 more characters
"Jesus loves you, but I'm his favorite"
Maybe the movie should have been named "Bareback In The Valley"?
"Gay Cowboys"
That's it, I'm bringing the camera.
There can be only one. Watch out Tucker.
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