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Just wanted to drop a quick note letting everyone know how Miles City's famous puppy is doing. Shy is doing wonderful and has been putting lean muscle back on. We are in Laredo TX right now and hope t + 283 more characters
Hi Everyone!!! I received a call this morning from Ed Kemmick from the Billings Gazette. He wants to do a story about this so we talked for awhile and I just wanted to give you all a heads up. I'm not + 255 more characters
Shy Shy and I made it home late last night. She was nervous on the planes but did great. I can never express hou appreciative I am to all of you involved. She is comfortable and is doing well. What a + 75 more characters
I am so excited to leaving tomorrow morning and be on my way to my Shy Shy. I will be in Billings by 1230 and should be at East Main by 3 pm or just after. I can never thank all of you enough for all + 70 more characters
Dixie is fostering my Shy Shy until I get there on Saturday. I cannot express how thankful I am to all of you that never gave up hoping to reunite us. I spoke to Deb at East Main and Shy is getting mi + 495 more characters
Thank God for all of you. I will miss getting to meet my angel Dixie that finally caught my Shy. You all will never be forgotten in our hearts. This is the best news in a lifetime. I will be in Billin + 374 more characters
I got a flight booked and rented a car out of Billings. I am scheduled to arrive in Billings at 1230 in the afternoon on Saturday the 14th. I will be in Miles City that later that afternoon and will h + 137 more characters
I requested time off next week so I am trying to get a plane ticket out there for next weekend. I will post when I am going to be out there for sure. I am going to focus in the feedlot area as that is + 121 more characters
I appreciate everyone looking for Shy. I am afraid that if she sees a group of people coming towards her she will head for the hills since she runs away from only one. I am trying to request time off + 300 more characters
Thank you for the sighting news. I get so excited each time someone sees her, I just wish my baby would finally go up to one of you wonderful people so that we could be reunited. Being a over the road + 277 more characters
Thanks to you all for your continued efforts. It breaks my heart to be without her but you have all been so wonderful. I pray each day Shy will finally come up to one of you and sense that she will be + 21 more characters
I know how wonderful everyone has been. I cannot thank all of you enough. It gives me hope each day to know that there are wonderful people out there keeping an eye out for her just so that we can be + 9 more characters
There are two different ones set up and East Main Vet Clinic puts food out at both daily. No luck yet. They have one of my t shirts and cut it in half and put half in each. I just pray she will finall + 99 more characters
I would have given anything to have been able to stay longer to look for my Shy but with my new job I had no personal time or vacation so I traveled Saturday and then back on Monday which meant I only + 543 more characters
She is so timid. She always has been. She wouldn't hurt a fly but at the same time after what she has been through I don't blame her for being even more scared. I called her Shy Shy and everytime I wo + 577 more characters
Thanks all of you. I've got the address so I will get something of mine and of hers out to you guys as soon as I can get to a post office. I am stuck in Indianapolis right now but will find a way to g + 10 more characters
If you guys will give me a good address to send it to I will get something of hers and mine and also try to record my voice and send it along as well. With the cold weather coming on I pray she will b + 122 more characters
I got a call today from main street vet clinic and they said that they have had reports of a dog matching Shy being seen around the 4B's and town pump. I pray this is her. They said she would not come + 416 more characters
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