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Let me give the background to the following poem: Recently, I ordered some books over the internet from an unknown dealer in TN. I sent one of my poems along with the order. He wrote back to say how m + 827 more characters
After nearly 40 years, I have recently been in contact with a friend from highschool, when I lived in Minneapolis. His name is Scott Jensen. I have learned that Scott does leather carvings, and sell + 281 more characters
THE LORD WILL BE NEAR IN THE NEW YEAR! By Bruce Oyen Written on December 17, 2006 The Lord will be near in the new year! This is his promise. Be of good cheer! Face it with faith, not with fear. For + 442 more characters
JESUS IS CHRISTMAS TO ME! By Bruce Oyen Written in December, 2006 Jesus is Christmas to me! I enjoy the presents and the Christmas tree, the many dishes on the table spread, like cranberries, ham, tu + 580 more characters
IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME ONCE AGAIN! By Bruce Oyen Written on December 3, 2006 It's Christmas time once again! A time to remember our friends and kin. A time to make those special dishes. A time to enjoy a + 542 more characters
TAKE TIME TODAY By Bruce Oyen Written in November, 2005 Take time today to hear a robin sing. Take time to admire a new bride's wedding ring. Take time to watch cildren play. Take time to read Script + 974 more characters
Bridgier and Jay,isn't this a fascinating way to talk issues? Good thing we can do it w/o fear of whatever!
Rick, I'm not sure how to interpret what you wrote. Care to explain? Bruce
I agree with you.
You are right, unless I am wrong!
Thank you very much for the website. I read the article, and found it informative.
Hello Readers! It might seem odd that I have written a poem to my dead mother. But that's what this is. She died in September, 2005. This poem was written to her that first holiday season w/o her, but + 908 more characters
Hello everyone! Being new to, i just discovered that my previous posting of the following poem was put in the wrong catergory. So, if you know what it's like to be apart from family arou + 1017 more characters
Hello everyone! maybe you will be able to relate to the following poem about being together for the holidays, which aren't far off. IT WOULD BE NICE TO BE TOGETHER FOR THE HOLIDAYS By Pastor Bruce O + 809 more characters
Very good point, indeed.
Brian, I enjoy reading your thoughts. And, I agree that many atheists are strong supporters of free speech. But, it is still true that ATHEISTIC GOVERNEMNTS have been against free speech. The U.S.S.R. + 900 more characters
Brian, I agree that any kind of theocracy would not be a good thing, unless the Lord himself was in charge. Anyone else would mess it up, royally!!
Many folks face dificulties in life. The following poem blessed me, and maybe it will you, too. THANK GOD I'M ALIVE (by Ruth Spaulding Cushman) Thank God I'm alive! That the skies are blue, that a + 278 more characters
Bart, how right you are! The commies banned the free exercise of religion, but they could not ban the people's religious instincts. I saw an interview with former Russian leader Gorbachev, and he said + 320 more characters
It just came to mind that communism and atheism also are known to ban free speech, not just theocracies. The former Soviet Union was officially atheistic, and wanted to control speech and thought. So, + 326 more characters
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