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A 10 Year Reunion for the CCDHS Class of 2001 is planned for July 15th and 16th. We're keeping the schedule fairly low-key, allowing for people to meet and chat with their classmates, as well as spend + 991 more characters
About $2.89/gallon in southwestern WY.
Congrats both to Ellen and the Cowgirls! Good luck at State!!
Now the REAL question is, where do you go from Thermopolis? I would recommend driving south through the Wind River Canyon (unbelievable, both in scenery and occasionally traffic) to Lander (gorgeous a + 496 more characters
There was a couple that was profiled on NPR a year or two ago that have live totally off-the-grid outside Hot Springs, SD (in the Black Hills). Here's their website (sorry, I haven't taken the time to + 91 more characters
Joylin's is closed and I think Universal Athletics moved into that space. Or maybe they moved into the Squire's Shop building. It was on that block anyway.
Summary of the story on "All Things Considered" yesterday: "Third-generation waterman Roger Muggli runs the Tongue and Yellowstone Irrigation District near Miles City, Mont. He determines how much wat + 439 more characters
Keep 'em coming!!
I definitely recommend Brewster's on Haines Ave. We stopped there last time I was in town and I was very impressed! (I was also amazed by the amount of pictures they kept from the old Hardee's - lots + 205 more characters
Wow, I didn't realize Mrs. Hammond (as I always knew her) had passed on. She was a great person - one of my best memories at Sacred Heart was going to get copies from Mrs. Hammond in the office!! (and + 161 more characters
Try getting people on their way to Sturgis to stop - I think it's a week or so afterwards. You could try putting together a ride somewhere - Kinsey loop? Really though, somewhere with history, good v + 180 more characters
I think it's a great design! As mentioned above - a little hard to put views from Glacier NP on a quarter. Besides, you know they would have picked something from western Montana and left us easterner + 180 more characters
Biodiesel - you can make it from french fry grease and animal parts (among other things). I think you can convert almost any normal diesel engine into one that will run on biodiesel. Cuts down on emis + 292 more characters
Wyoming Public Radio from 9am to noon is great: Plays a huge variety of songs - no classical or jazz in the morning! Yay! But for those of you who do dig 24-hr classical + 245 more characters
Ha! Angela - you're not the only one who did that. Catie, Abby, and I used to see who got the most bubblegum too! Mmmm...I miss the ice cream and the fried chicken...Ruined me for life. KFC = blech!
Same night as DEAP/EMI fundraiser!!
Hopefully everyone likes shopping at Super Walmart. Because when Reynold's closes and Albertson's on its last leg...prices will rise just like they did when Kmart closed.
I'm always a sucker for the Colorado Claim Jumper pizza at the Cellar. If you can ignore the keno machines...The pizza at the Trails' Inn (or somewhere in that area) is also really good (if it's still + 316 more characters
To truly debate the subject of a national draft, the opinion of those young enough to get drafted must be considered. If the military cannot get enough people to sign up for the service without making + 529 more characters
I know I'm biased, but this is a great opportunity for everyone in the community to come out and support these awesome programs! Both organizations have made life much, MUCH more happy and enjoyable f + 349 more characters
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