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THE “FAKE NEWS DIGEST” for August 8, 2018 Item : The Glendive city council has decided to name the sewage lagoon south of I-94, “Port of Glendive, Lake Rosendale”. The lake is in a strategic location + 1079 more characters
The church service will be at 10:00 followed by the meal at 11:00
United Christian Church will hold an Old Time/Bluegrass Music service themed “Loaves and Fishes”, on Sunday October 4, 2015 at 1006 South Strevell. Weather permitting the service will be held outside + 536 more characters
Well deserved Kudos to Gloria, Hazel and Bev, the festival committee and Jim's sound production. The success and endurance of the festival speaks for itself. The vision of Ron Mills, Joyce Chichoine, + 465 more characters
Anita Hillis is a talented teacher. She had a notice on this site a while back. Check it out.
Poor Tucker. I'm sure your idea of purgatory is eons of banjo music! Even though you didn't like the genre, your support was always appreciated.
Bluegrass is still alive in Miles City! Milestown is still very active despite some transition with its members. Look for them to perform at the Miles City Bluegrass Festival, Music on Wings the third + 891 more characters
Informed by an informed friend that Leo Tolstoy also posed the same question and even then not original. Other Russian authors asked the same question for similar reasons.
Ironically Vladimir Ilyich Lenin wrote a pamphlet in 1901 titled "What's To Be Done (Shto Delat). Don't think he had American democracy in mind.
the twenty dollars is for the concert Saturday night only. all other activities at the Olive are at no cost. If anybody is interested in Ken Overcast's music it can be accessed at cowboss@kenovercast. + 3 more characters
Miles City and the historic Olive Hotel will host the first gathering of cowboy poets, musicians and storytellers at COWBOY UP AT WINTER CAMP, to be headquartered at the hotel on January 20-21, 2012. + 3296 more characters
I had the pleasure of working in Social Services at Holy Rosary when Bob Southall was terminally ill. Even in his illness Bob remained a teacher and a counselor. He walked us all through the stages of + 703 more characters
No. I was Social Services Supervisor. Each resident had a counselor assigned. There were about 8-10 of us with each lodge assigned a counselor.
Mel Mohler's family lived and worked there. In the years from 1970 to 1976 while I worked there, the families that I knew who lived there were: Don Holliday, Supt and his family. Lou Hutton and family + 1000 more characters
for those of you who are musicians or just supporters of the Greatest Generation, these lyrics in a printable form are available at Wonderful way to celebrate our WWII vets who are + 1629 more characters
They did some wonderful stuff that still endures namely wicked satire like the "John Birch Society" " The Friendly Neighborhood Ku Klux Klan" " Which Hat Shall I Wear". I think we need them now to add + 49 more characters
For those of us who worked at the old Holy Rosary, the progressive deterioration and vandalism of the buildings has been a painful experience to observe. This complex was once the focal point of regio + 330 more characters
Wood and Wire as close to heaven as I come on this old earth is through wood from above the earth and + 551 more characters
It was wonderful to experience Christmas through the eyes of a three year old person. Seems Christmas was more in its natural state of wonderment and thanks for the child in us all.
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