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That just made me smile.... lovely to see all the faces light up, the children dancing, and the group of people amazed by how wonderful it was. big grin
Judge Day was very fair and a great guy. He will be missed and our community has lost a great man.
She found her family and is home. Thanks everyone
The number in the phone book for Diane is disconnected. Anyone know her number?
Female yellow lab came into my backyard last night. She has a light blue collar, is sweet, and smart (knows how to open gate). If you know who she belongs to please contact me ASAP. Don't want to call + 65 more characters
call me at 853-1120
Its a light blue collar. She is a sweety so I know she is someones.
A yellow lab was found by my son and friend last night. It is a female and has a blue collar. Have her at my house in fenced in yard.
I am thankful that someone finally put a positive thread on this site. I am also thankful that I have my son, my job, my family, and my friends.
Reading "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin Debeker. Every woman needs to read it. About half way through. Talks about how we all have insight and should trust our gut feeling.
Over the 4th of July weekend I believe.
Has anyone just sat outside Lincoln school for about 20 minutes after the kids are let out? I had the opportunity today, since I was waiting for my kid for 20 minutes to just wait in my vehicle right + 518 more characters
Our Miles City kids play at 6:45 p.m. on Friday and it depends on the winner/loser when they will play next. I do know that they have morning games on Saturday a break from 1 - 3:30 and then games sta + 109 more characters
Pee Wee State Hockey Tournament being held over the weekend in Miles City February 25th - 27th. Come out and show support for your local youth hockey association. It's free to get in and you will see + 112 more characters
I would just like to give a big Thank You to Mr. Reddick and my dad for coming over Sunday and not only snow blowing my walks but my driveway and the back alley. I truly appreciate it. It's nice to kn + 65 more characters
Wow nice diss, really. Except politics and talking about how Miles City people dress are two entirely different things. My views on our city government are my views, I was talking about the job part t + 221 more characters
I really don't care what other's wear and their hair for that matter. Except really pjs and slippers should not be worn out in public for all to see. Hopefully I am not close enough to even smell thei + 716 more characters
The snow has fallen, the idiot drivers are out... so drive defensively my friends.
I don't know what happened there, but I would want to know, especially if it had anything to do with death. I believe in spirits and ghosts though and that would just be eary to me. Guess I should sto + 29 more characters
OK this is just a reminder to all of you who did't read the whole blog on this thread. My father did not say anything on this site, he has nothing to do with it, and so could you all please leave him + 152 more characters
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