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Thanks. Mucho appreciated. I'll look into and fix it. Everyone, I can't keep track of bug reports and feature requests unless they are posted in the appropriate forum. Please post bug reports here: ur + 103 more characters
Currently, the 100x100 one shows up on your profile page and the 160x100 one shows up next to message posts. I see that kind of breaks your QR Code. Hmm.
> When will it be ready for the likes of us? Not sure ... it depends upon what features I decide to axe to get it moving along ... perhaps something before the end of next month.
The new version of the site will be the platform for new features. Initially it won't be much different in functionality than here; however, eventually it will include new tools to allow more communit + 1036 more characters
Ironically, the nightly news here a few weeks ago featured a story about a pool closing due to budget restraints ... and included a sound bite of a kid complaining "Now there wasn't going to be anythi + 161 more characters
Oh, still chuckling at you guys ... don't want any rumors to start that it also smells like poop ... so I thought I would make clear the fact that this old site uses more flash (e.g. the animation on + 160 more characters
Haha. Somehow, I just knew a lot of you would only go kicking and screaming ... and it isn't even finished yet. For those curious, the new site uses the same database as here (well, actually, it's th + 234 more characters
Just bringing everything into the 21st century. I'll have a beta version online one of these days ...
I'm busy working on the new site. What's the problem?
DSL has similar bottlenecks.
FWIW, emulators are available for most of the old hardware. If you can image the disks, then you can probably still run the old software in a "virtual machine" on newer computers.
Mrs. Eva Gold Mrs. Eva G. Gold, 91, 908 S. Lake, died Monday night at the Holy Rosary Hospital where she had been admitted the day before. Funeral services for Mrs. Gold will be in the Chapel of Grave + 1187 more characters
Ada McFarland Ada Irene Taylor McFarland, 86, of Miles City died Monday, April 10, 2006, at the Parkview Care Center in Miles City. Mrs. McFarland was born on Jan. 25, 1920, at the Herman Barthel home + 1431 more characters
Eva (Evva) Griffin-Gold; born Dec 06, 1890 in Stacey, MT; died Aug 14, 1972 in Miles City, MT.
Ada Irene Taylor-McFarland; born Jan 25, 1920 in Miles City, MT; died Apr 10, 2006 in Miles City, MT.
If anyone here knew my dad, I would appreciate if you could reply and post something you remember about him. As mentioned, he was part of the 902nd Air Force Radar Squadron stationed outside of Miles + 86 more characters
Antram Fires Hole-In-One Perhaps the most unusual, and maybe the most thrilling moment of the division golf tourney was provided during the first round by an airman who didn't even place in the final + 704 more characters
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