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First of all, the 18 who brought a gun to school this last year didnt bring it to hurt himself or anyone. He did it for the attention and to "protect" himself incase we had a gun shooting in the schoo + 165 more characters
Im glad we have immature adults in this town Wow. Anyways, i have amazing supporting parents that are willing to help me through this. I just was hoping to get on my feet while pregnant. But I guess + 506 more characters
Where can you get a job when your pregnant? I'v tried a lot of places and I feel like im being shut down because im to far along and due Christmas time.. I can't stay unemployeed for 3 months.. Cost o + 89 more characters
Im due in December and a first time mom so I dont know about daycares around. I was seeing which daycare would be best for my child. I have a little brother that went to Grandma Pearl but she is now r + 103 more characters
I hear fires are at different places.. So where exactly is the fires at?! I know Ashland and Helena. But where else?
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811 Yellowstone the house by the golf course that looks trashed and like the owner does nothing to it?
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