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Thank you Larry And Gunner for proving my point on getting fired up. you. should take it easy. Getting you blood pressure up for no reason is not good for any one. i will let you know David on the out + 53 more characters
Boy it sure does not take much to get the regulars fired up. And if you knew me i dont believe you would consider calling me a -------- but i will consider were its coming from. Have a wonder full eve + 11 more characters
Thank you. Mr. Roberts very help full.
David you need to worry about things in WA give it up
If you read the first part of my post it was to the people of Miles City. Not Redmond WA. Thank you
Have all homeowners in Miles City received their new tax assessments for this year? According to the city, homes have doubled in value. With Sanjel relocating to Williston, Brawler laying off numerous + 866 more characters
Thanks Jeri, that was our intent to remove our basket so the county can do the wonderful job they always do.
theft why 8 years ago
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I was out at the Cemetery today to visit my grandparents grave, we have a beautiful copper metal basket that we would put flowers in, when I got out there, it appeared to be missing. Why would people + 154 more characters
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