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NOTICE: Miles City Youth Soccer Association will be holding our 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Wednesday October 17, 2018 at 6:00 PM. The meeting will take place at 6:00 PM in Room 106 at Miles Com + 103 more characters
Fall soccer season will start in a bit over one week with first games being scheduled for Saturday September 15. NOW is the time to get your kids signed up and on a team. Fees have been reduced for th + 318 more characters
Recreational Player Sign Ups are online now! Regular sign-ups are February 16-March 04; Late sign-ups March 05-March 16 will add $15 late fee. Registration help Feb. 28, 5-7pm @ MC Public Library + 356 more characters
February 6, 2018 Youth Soccer Parents & Supporters RE: Upcoming Recreational Soccer season Competitive teams are currently being formed for spring soccer and rec signups should be starting now. Sadly, + 2359 more characters
Competitive soccer players and Parents it is CRITICAL to get signed up ASAP. MCYSA has to have teams submitted at the state level in less than two weeks. The state has been pushing the signup dates ea + 229 more characters
Miles City Youth Soccer, aka The Posse will be having soccer signups this Tuesday (2/16) & Wednesday (2/17) at 6:00 PM at MCC. Check room 106 or Room 316. This is for all kids playing U6-U19 boys and + 604 more characters
Indoor is presently intended for the older kids 12 and up, as well as adults. Indoor will be going through February at the Centra.
Miles City Youth Soccer will hold a combined signup/player/parent meeting on Monday Aug 31 & Tuesday Sep 01 at 6 PM at MCC Room 106. These will be the only sign up times for the Fall season. Parents + 657 more characters
There's a new schedule for soccer sign ups everyone- please note for the upcoming fall season we are doing signups NEXT WEEK July 28 and 29. That is this coming Monday and Tuesday. Sign ups will be a + 319 more characters
I know it's been some time since this topic had any live discussion, but after today I felt it needed to be revived. I was in Baker, MT today and the parks director told me they are getting ready to b + 1006 more characters
Just talked to the band leader and they are packing their bus today and headed to Montana tomorrow from Portland. They're excited to perform and the band is hyped up and ready to come to Miles City! R + 444 more characters
Ticket sign up sheet is at business office. Actual tickets will be available later today or tomorrow at the same location for MCC students. Thanks again to MCC Student Senate members!
MCC Students- sign up for tickets and let student senate you appreciate them paying for your tickets in Full! Yes they are free to you thanks to MCC Student Senate! FREE CONCERT TICKETS FOR MCC STUDEN + 55 more characters
The MarchFourth concert will be on us soon, it's on Thursday April 10 at CCDHS. Please get your tickets ASAP!
This show is for EVERYONE AND ANYONE , and is an ALL AGES show. We have been trying to get them here for the past four years and their schedule and tour route finally aligned with the planets and Mi + 226 more characters
The shows have been a real asset to Miles City and the 4th of July weekends. I'd suggest a KickStarter campaign to fund the effort: url
MCC Students: I was just informed that the MCC Student Senate is stepping up and buying tickets for any current MCC students that want to attend the M4 (MarchFourth Marching Band) concert April 10th a + 425 more characters
MCC Students: I was just informed that the MCC Student Senate is stepping up and buying tickets for any current MCC students that want to attend the concert! That is great and a great opportunity for + 231 more characters
I found when I did the two in my house that it was far easier to put up sheet goods first, like plywood or OSB, as a backing rather than furring strips. I did them both ways, and the furring strips ar + 464 more characters
The show is getting closer, please mark your calendars and get your tickets in advance. It's going to be one heck of a good performance and the coolest band to hit MC in decades!
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