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That actually makes sense! re: Richard's middle of the road rant
Don't forget Yoga at the Vineyard this Sunday @ 5:30PM! Aroma Yoga for the Chakras. 406-853-0990.
Is Miles City urban? Sounds to me like you are being a lot more restrictive than alot of cities! If there is such a concern re: histoplasmosis, maybe the city should take care of the pigeons.
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same goes. and the little one's too.
CBMBS Yoga Workshop: Making Yoga a Part of Your Day on Sunday, July 10th @ 5:30 followed by a salad potluck. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a small towel. Bring a mat and props if you have them. Cal + 90 more characters
Allow chickens!
Raining here too....nobody from WI got to go....maybe only those from CA?
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