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So which works better, 200 head of 1500 pound continental-bred cattle or 300 head of moderate framed English-influenced cows?
Richard, you are right to note my assumption of species of "foxtail". Considering boxdmc compared cheatgrass with foxtail, I assumed he was referring to an annual grass, hordeum j. . Is there anythi + 41 more characters
If you want to argue that overgrazing does not contribute to the increase in cheatgrass, go for it. You might be one of the first. The pastures south of the burn area in the Bull Mountains that I saw + 266 more characters
This past weekend I had the opportunity to drive through the Bull Mountains, even through some of the area that had burned. I was surprised that in those patches that had not burned, it still seemed g + 645 more characters
This county has a .5% sales tax rate. It goes to the county; the pool here is managed by the city. There might be some support from the county to help with the cost, but given the politics involved, I + 18 more characters
Miles City can't afford a pool? Every dinky little town here in Kansas has a concrete outdoor pool. The population here? less than 900. Five miles down the road, there is another town with a concrete + 796 more characters
A dog obedience class A dog catcher
After the first two pictures, (possibly captioned "You want a picture? Picture this!" and "No, we haven't been in the berry juice, what makes you ask that?") I expected the bears to be holding a can o + 155 more characters
There is a simple first step for some of that Levi. Change the electoral college from a winner-take-all to a proportional system. And that can be done at the state level, which should be easier to acc + 162 more characters
Some of the trips that Mom took were far scarier than that particular route. I never talked to her about any travels in that direction. I didn't even include all the back routes from Bozeman to Ennis.
I realize that this topic is a few days old already. And it has been a few years since I traveled from Montana to Idaho. But I'll suggest another route that is shorter and were still good roads, even + 283 more characters
(This is just a shameless bump so I don't have to go looking for this thread and link, that is all)
4. I just came up with the perfect "General Quiz". I had movie info, author info, President info, math info, television info, space info and animal info. That Fun Trivia Editor told me it was too easy + 158 more characters
Happy Birthday Richard!
My wife's family has the prayer; Three slices for four Thank God there aren't any more. It just doesn't work for our family.
One comment I found interesting... "Maybe we should go back to the Vulgate. That'd fix it." Perhaps even better...the Greek text in which the NT was written. Not a problem. Would you prefer the LXX or + 769 more characters
Thank you Bridgier. James, I have no problem with a baptism for the forgiveness of sins. Or the Lord's Supper for the forgiveness of sins. In post 5, way back at the start of this discussion, James s + 321 more characters
I'll spell it out for you this one time James. If it's about obeying, then it is something that we do. Is that not a work? Then how do we reconcile Ephesians 2:8-9 with "obeying"? If it's about obey + 342 more characters
Matt 19:25
"Not for those who would like to incite debate that they are not able or willing to defend in person." I suppose that I am inciting debate with my question above. I haven't taken you up on the coffee + 863 more characters
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