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My two concerns for the Cowboys: the health of Dalton Ried (left the game early against Belgrade), and the timing with Herzog and Begger? Hopefully they got that figured out this week in practice. Beg + 75 more characters
Central, Dillon, Frenchtown, Beaverhead Co, Hamilton, Havre?
Saturday, July 30th. During Terry Yippee days in Terry.
This event is being held at the Prairie County Fairgrounds, in Terry. Yes, we will group the ATVs in groups. This years event is just for exhibition, but prizes will be awarded for fan favorites. $10 + 109 more characters
Well, it's time to find out if you do. The Prairie County Motorcycle Association will be hosting their annual Arenacross, with a new feature this year... an ATV Pull. Marvin Varner and the guys at Get + 413 more characters
Local favorites to open for Montana's hot band, The Clintons, Friday, July 29th in Terry at the Prairie County Fairgrounds. Gates open at 6:30pm, and music starts at 7. Tickets are $7 in advance and $ + 195 more characters
Violation of Federal Law?
Who is hosting open mic this Saturday?
Can't wait! Should be a great show. Hopefully they play longer than the 45 minutes we got from Chuck Wicks.
What a treat last night! Thank you Ryan for hosting this event. Plan on being there again next week!
Is there goning to be a show tonight? Just wanted to verify prior to coming down.
Sam, this was a great evening with great music. Thank you for playing and attending. I am wanting to promote several more events like this in the future. Currently working with some other Montana band + 192 more characters
WOW! WHAT A TALENT! I THINK I MAY HAVE POLKA'D LAST NIGHT? NOT SURE, AT THIS POINT IT'S ALL STILL A BLUR. Thank you for bringing in this band, they were very fun to watch and listen. Please continue t + 35 more characters
Thanks Joe. I would also be interested in more information about your organization. Do you hold open meetings? If so, when is the next one. Thanks.
Joe, can you keep this updated to when, and where tickets can be purchased? Thanks. Very interested in this event.... haven't seen them before, but since you've posted this, I've checked them out on Y + 39 more characters
Josh Rath: "Also, for the as*holes from that crap hole we call a highschool, stay out of my life." Interesting...
Rick Dittus and Doug Monroe are your points of contact for the motocross track here in Miles City. Races are held in the spring. If you have any questions, I can answer most... stop out and see me at + 107 more characters
Ok, I think there just may be a new leader in my judging.... Mama Stellas has a great burger: The "Yo Mama" burger. I actually tried to go the Crystal Pistol for lunch.... but, they don't open until 4 + 442 more characters
You know, I keep trying that burger, expecting better than it ends up being. All the fixings and fries are good, but the meat... or how it is prepared leaves something to be desired.
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