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Thanks to all who came!
Thank you to you both for bumping this for me! We hope you can all make it! This is tonight-See you at 5:30!
Dear Community! We are having our annual Trunk Treat on Friday October 26th at 5:30 pm. This is a FREE event and we would LOVE you and your family to come! It will be in the parking lot of the LDS ch + 928 more characters
second. I was able to listen to the game from the near the waste treatment plant.
We are looking to find a general contractor to do the ground work on a lot in Sidney. We will be putting in basement and setting a modular on it. New to all of this so need some help from someone with + 138 more characters
Plain and simple. We have used laura's service for years. She has always done fabulous. She should be charging more than she does. She has saved us in a pickle many times. You should plan on paying f + 120 more characters
I hear hints of some cross fit at the new gym. I will definitely be there in that case!
RE: Skunky 11 years ago
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my dog got nailed directly twice right in the face. two different skunks within 10 minutes of each other. Crazy right? The tomato bath did not work. Seemed like time only took the smell away.
I think asking questions is healthy. As long as one is open to learning and not set on previously assumed things. Anyone is welcome anytime to come visit our church, worship with us, 10:00 on Sundays + 3229 more characters
1. No bus system. 2. Different world than in the '60's.
Our kindergarten student was just assigned to Jefferson school (across town) when we live half a block from Garfield. Literally just a couple houses. What can be done to get it changed?
My oldest is going to Kindergarten this year too...I am not mad that I don't have the list yet, but it sure would be helpful that have it sooner than later. If everyone gets the lists at the same time + 238 more characters
Here is an interesting lesson: "Is there no virtue among us? If there be not, we are in a wretched situation. No theoretical checks, or form of government, can render us secure. To suppose that any fo + 559 more characters
Thank you Gene!
Gene, What time does the parade start? Thanks!
I cannot seem to get my grass to fill out. I have big patches where it won't grow. The grass is also very thick stems and rough.....not like the thin pluss grass of the neighbors. I have tried seeding + 149 more characters
In July of 2011 Albertsons announced that MT & WY would no longer be given doubles because "not enough people in our states found them valuable" Meaning that not enough of us were using them. Us MT an + 1630 more characters
Owner has been found. Thanks to all.
We love this event! Thanks for hosting it!
Today from 10 until 2! Stop by and see us!
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