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Hey, I searched the all pictures and for some reason I don't have any of Mike. I think I have one of his arm but can't be sure of it. At any rate it would not be a good picture anyway. I have told my + 184 more characters
Good one Steve!
Hey Bob I do watch it from time to time or at least wife is not watching TV, she hates the Welk show. In fact I wish they would show more big band shows, best dancing music ever invented. Dance with a + 180 more characters
I have to admit, that's a good one! My wife did not see the humor in it, it must be something glandular.
Dave, I never said I was an extreme authority on the war on terrorism, you just did. I never hinted to any such thing, that is YOUR concept not mine. Obviously you are reading more than I have typed i + 1193 more characters
I cannot wait until I go back to Lame Deer and I will win this contest hands down!
Packratt? That is a mild term. It is would be closer to say he's another Fred Stanford without the ex-sister-in-law.
Definition of a redneck: If own a mobile home and 14 cars that ain't.
I bet you can see Rob's place from outer space.
Thanks I appreciate all the help Tony. Does she cook and clean house? My wife made the remark that she did not want to do it anymore.
Yes I have went to Murdocks and yes they can order my size but unfortunely the price is alittle hefty and I cannot purchase enough of them to make it worth Murdocks trouble. Once in a great while they + 168 more characters
Yeah, especially without Jane Russell, it is right down unAmerican. Little humor there Bart. I agree with you though the comercials are getting more and more on the lines of repulsive. I never did lik + 45 more characters
They should fit the catagory MG. I know that "A Toy Story" was meant for children but I really enjoyed that movie. My favorite scene in the movie was where Woody was trying to make up to Little Bo She + 120 more characters
Why thank you Dave for your input, I am sorry if I misspell a word or two and I will try to do better so it will make your reading more confortable! And I apologize if I do not measure up to your soci + 752 more characters
There one more thing that I just thought of, visiablity or curb appeal. that always makes people compelled to enter in.
I used to shop in the Squire shop when it was open, Jim stocked good quality goods at a resonable price, I miss that store. Kick me in the teeth, I just thought someplace I have not looked for jeans, + 20 more characters
Tony, If Tara can get jeans in to fit me I will be more than happy to buy them there, my size: waist=35 & inseam=36 and they are priced below $35.00 a pair then I am your man. In my job pants wear out + 262 more characters
Bob, You may have a point there and I do not have any idea of the cost. But I would not think it would take too much more, but then again I am just guessing. Thanks for your input. Todd
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