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motel (wagon wheel)
Salli, Be careful about taking Galatians of context. If you think I am opinionated about politics... Cinda, You would really be a unique woman to understand the irrationallity of "hell week" from a m + 230 more characters
I'll bet you don't go through "hell-week" every 28 days like Brady does...
Travelall (the orginal SUV)
lie (mentira)
There was a quarterback named McNabb When the Cowboys saw him they called for a cab The reason this pathetic offense, called for a taxi They couldn't protect their quarterback..., to the maxi!
My life is more an adventure in daring than a daring adventure.
There was chiropractor named Cracker who studied hard in school and was no slacker. He treated the woman who fell at the mall Believe me friend, his bill was not small. _______________________________ + 51 more characters
What sound does a chicken make?... It depends on whether the chicken is on steiroids or not.
Thermopsis rhombifolia (yellow flowers for those of you in Rio Linda)
Growing up in Miles City, I was always confused why we had white fire trucks when all of the toy fire trucks in Tempo and Coast to Coast were red. I suspect that if you were to study the history of th + 1580 more characters
Only conservative ones (they keep all the money)
Rick: I don't view myself is sitting on the fence spitting at people and I don't think that I am unAmerican because my political ideology does not fall into one of the two mainstream camps of either d + 1752 more characters
Lee:"We have to come to grips with the fact we're feeding a cow that we can't milk." All I have to say is AMEN! Thanks for being so articulate.
"We have to come to grips with the fact we're feeding a cow that we can't milk." -Lee Akers
Bob: It was the result of not enforcing existing regulation, not deregulation.
It sounds like someones email address is "history"
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