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Pretty sad that the Miles City Star only wants to paint one side of the story and ignore the truth of what happened in our schools.
I call BS on can't find a job. There are so many places looking for help right now it's not even funny. McDonald's is hiring starting at 13 bucks an hr with benefits but I bet your too good for that k + 16 more characters
You must have voted for him!!
Reynolds is always busy, don't see them closing their doors anytime soon.
The Custer Rod and Gun Club is going to be doing some work at the rifle range Saturday the 27th during this time the 100 yard range will be closed.
That's their right as it is yours to keep looking.
You need to see a counselor and banned from this site.
So you owe the IRS and yet it's someone else's fault? What kind of action are you going to take and is it going to be on the citizens of MC or against the IRS?
I sent you a email
Weird I just asked to join and they accepted me in less then 10 seconds. I will ask someone on there to see if they know.
Robert take a chill pill, I live on the northside, have my entire life. I don't owe anyone an apology, it was meant mostly as a joke anyways. I realize the problem exists all through out Miles City.
If he was found guilty in district court you would think someone could find it online somewhere but I just looked and found nothing about it. But hopefully for the sake of everyone he needs to get his + 126 more characters
Still can't figure out who this Winklebean person is, never heard of the guy?
Well little did I know prior to posting my question that Rob won't be able to answer due to being locked up in the county clink.
So why not tell us why your taking them to court?
Not sure about the drawing but there is a drive through. Not sure if it's a good idea for a drive through in that location
I've bought a lot of machines for RMC and never once had a problem with their sales man or service people. They all have treated me with respect and been very professional when dealing with them. To s + 153 more characters
Actually Frenchtown was already on their backup QB and when he got hurt in this game they put in their 3rd string
Yes there is a sign out in the corner of the lot that says KFC and A&W coming soon
Rumor has it that the Golden Spur is going to use it for parking
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LOL Hope that last reply was a joke!!
TTT Shoot me an offer
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