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I knew that wasn't going to take long lol
Had many a great nights around old hill 57. I had 1977 ford f150 with big tires and hoped up motor and at the time was one of the few in town that could climb that hill.
Thread was deleted
Mid-July and I've watered my lawn less then a half dozen times this year, I'll take that.
What a bunch of snow flakes, offended over a word. Don't like it move along you don't have to have everything your way.
Ok bad reference there. My fault. If they only had signs up saying walk in from here, when would the first person drive in there and just say sorry I didn't see the sign. They put the locked gate up t + 39 more characters
Not sure why I'm explaining this but here we go, they lock the gate so people don't drive where they're not allowed to drive. Why does your house have a door on the front of it?
Without the good old Roy Rogers poor Terry is shrinking down to nothing. Would really like someone to keep it going, I loved going to Terry for a beer and burger just for fun.
Mark was very clear in the debate that he has NO ties with law enforcement anymore, but Jeff does still. Not sure how you missed that. Anyways that's what makes things interesting in this world. No on + 56 more characters
Just to be clear Mark isn't even close to having the training that Jeff has. Again didn't anyone watch the debate between the two of these candidates?
If you haven't watched the debate between the two of the candidates I highly suggest doing so before making your choice. Working in retail has nothing to do with the job of JOP. Experience matters in + 84 more characters
Thanks for posting video on facebook of this. I think Jeff Faycosh is the right person for the job based on all of his experience he noted during the discussion.
Thank you Larry!!!
Good for them I guess, but they will have to revamp the entire states electrical system to be able to handle all those cars charging up all the time. Read up on it some time MCD. I work in the car ind + 108 more characters
Been going there for years and wouldn't go any where else, Deb does great work
Good choice Lenny, I mean Larry or whatever your name is LOL
Well that's to bad Larry. I for one have sold many firearms using this site because all of the others have banned it. Don't get me wrong I don't sell to just anybody but I guess you have to do what's + 398 more characters
News papers are a thing of the past. They will all be gone in the next 10 years I would guess.
David that tree fall over the weekend of the bbq cook off at the park.
North strevell we had small hail and 2.1 inches
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That is a really good price for a great shooting gun, if I didn't already own one I would be all over that
I really hope you plan on taking all the signs down that are all over town when your done.
RE: Ruger F/S one month ago
RE: Ruger F/S 2 months ago
Going to throw in 100 Federal 55gr bullets on the deal. $500 for all of it
Ruger F/S 2 months ago
I have a nice wood stock Ruger m77 markII in 22-250 for sale. Very clean gun has a 4x12 banner scope on it. Asking $500 Call or text 951-0144 [Edited by cubby (6/14/2019 9:07:50 AM)]
RE: Ruger M77 f/s 2 months ago
No problem Al. I have someone coming to look at this rifle Wednesday if they don't buy it I will get a hold of you.
Ruger M77 f/s 2 months ago
I have a very nice wood stock ruger M77 in 22-250 with a Banner scope for sale. Very nice rifle just too nice for me to keep lol. $500 of trade for other guns. Call or text 951-0144 [Edited by cubby ( + 22 more characters