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I checked the 1880 census and didnt see any Milligans, How did they get to Miles City and where did they come from? How did Miles Milligan get started in the hotel buisness? again if any one has one o + 146 more characters
hey I talked to my father at christmas about the Milligan house and Hotel. he told me that cg milligan did a great deal of gambleing at I believe the milligan house and made a great deal of money (by + 115 more characters
hey thanks anyway my greatgrandfather Clarence Glocluster Milligan, brother to miles lived in milescity till about 1900. I would like to pick up any curios from the hotels if possible as gifts for my + 134 more characters
My grandfather was Riley Moy Milligan, his father was Clarence Glocluster Milligan, brother of Miles Milligan. I believe his father was Joeseph Milligan but Im not sure. Is their any source I can go t + 120 more characters
please contact me If you still have the key I would like to purchase it for my father [email protected]
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