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But weren't you just convicted again in District Court? Or did I read that incorrectly in another thread? What is a "Legal Technical Expert"? Are you a lawyer? [Edited by MilesCityNative (3/24/2020 11 + 11 more characters
It took me a lot less than 300 hours to determine that you are stupid and evil. Everyone gets to have their opinion. And that is mine.
My source says that the bank literally walked away from the house during the foreclosure process because it was such a mess (and because rob made public threats to kill the auctioneer). The bank cut t + 93 more characters
Grenz 675 Hollowell 450 Shipley 40
Googled it. All I find is: crazy you rambling on in some comments. LOL
Post a link to your lawsuit. Why should we have to *GOOGLE* it? And, you now represent the people of the USA in legal actions? I doubt it.
He said " But then again, it SUX so badly to be you.........being a hopeless non-veteran and all." As it is, I am indeed a veteran, and one who is offended that rob would use "non veteran" status as + 159 more characters
Ya, I'm stupid, rob. I'm not showing you my DD214. More than 6 and less than 10 years. Some medals and ribbons. The usual. My remaining comments still stand. Quit whoring out your service and sh*t + 110 more characters
And for the record, I am going to catch up to your 16,000 hours of internet legal study even if it kills me.
Are you just making up legal words and definitions again? When I *GOOGLE* "an information" and "district court" and "montana" I find the below law. When I read it, I see that "the prosecutor" can fi + 2736 more characters
Nah. No one would assume that I speak for Miles City just because I'm from there or because my fake name reflects as such. If I were TheManFromSomewhereElse I doubt that you'd be saying "Ah yes, no pr + 879 more characters
Truly, the reason for the use of an anonymous name is that it has been made very clear that rob will harass and prey on anyone who crosses him. My family and I don't need that. I have relatives in Mil + 487 more characters
Again, with your brilliant legal intellect and the city attorney's clear "federal felony perjury" (what makes it federal?) and this "fraudulent oath document" business (a missing date makes a documen + 944 more characters
roberta, For the record - I AM a veteran, with more years of service than you, and I then went on to have additional success in civilian life, and have done a lot of volunteer work in and around my cu + 624 more characters
***I have *GREAT* news***!: I am voting for you now.
Bored, mostly. But really - fed up. Embarrassed when I bring out of town buddies to my home town to go golfing. Sick of hearing rob's crazy rants. Sick of wasted tax dollars on the never ending effor + 99 more characters
I'm sure that with your legal prowess you'll be appealing and winning those void orders, getting piles of money from Warren Buffet, etc. But let's be honest - you're just a raving lunatic, and none o + 346 more characters
rob, It's been fun trolling you. Truly. But getting down to brass tacks, I'm not going to cater to your crap. You're incorrect, on all fronts. Prove me wrong by winning your case that you won't shut + 809 more characters
Godwin's Law. url As discussed in the other thread, I have it on good authority that the bank gave you the house based on a combination of you threatening to kill the person who called the foreclosur + 614 more characters
So what you are actually saying is the people should vote for you on November 3 and that you are going to kill yourself on November 5? It appears that you threaten suicide quite a bit based on your ra + 588 more characters
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