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How much is registration?
That could've been my yard. Haven't seen this dog since. Wondering if the dog was at the KOA with the owners & decided to run our neighborhood for a few days
I hope you have luck. That dog knocked over my dumpster the other night & ate everything that was food. She's obviously in need
i obviously can't figure out posting a link but go to MSN or type in what i posted.
You have got to read this. Personal opinion, made me chuckle. url
What does it matter any way? The popular vote doesn't even count which I think is a pile of crap. Makes me not want to vote. I think the electoral college needs to go away.
I don't think Wendy even lives here. I don't think half the people who live their lives on here do. And for the person asking about the father if he's helping, what does it matter to you? She was only + 243 more characters
I have a 5 yr old that asks me everyday if he can do karate.
How much are classes?
if it was a meth lab, drug task force would be there too. not these mysterious huge blue trucks with satellites on top. so they say it's a gas leak. i'm sure mdu was there but why those truck & who w + 9 more characters
google them. they will probably kill you faster than a real one.
Dude, that was priceless. LMAO4ever
Isn't this Sure we all make our way to Billings for whatever reasons but why not ask us what options for our town? I am down with the idea for Billings though. WooHoo!
I say screw the uterus, fry her. The uterus will fry too. As if we didn't learn anything from Britney Spears people.
I saw them out there yesterday. Not sure about today but wouldn't doubt it.
i WANT MY $2." better off dead
My old man asked the bus driver if they were in the bus & he said they were still in canada. Maybe he wasn't the driver. maybe he stole the bus. heehee
how cool would it be if they got it working again? if safety is an issue, iron fence around the edge would be nice. howz about a fundraiser?
i'm their cousin & joe still lives here in miles city. if you get this tonight and give me your number, i'll see them tomorrow & can give them your info.
For those who aren't stoked about this good news, "Kiss my shiny metal ass!"
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