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Odd job is right. Thank you, Oddjob, a sane voice has spoken!! I live in California, in the State Capital, and the politics in this state are the worst in the Nation! The snail darter fish takes pr + 739 more characters
Carol, I have found, and you have now, too, that in Miles City, minds aren't just closed (to any objective discussion ) but they are nailed shut! Dont waste your time! Ammorette hasn't got an independ + 89 more characters
Good one, Jim B!
This very same thing happened to my 29 year old grandson, when he was 18 months old! Because it was October and the water was so cold, he not only survived, but has finished college and has a good jo + 298 more characters
That is the romantic version... .I was there, a freshman in high school. The weather was clear and sunny the day of the bombing. We were told to go down in our basements and wait. We could see the b + 612 more characters
Dr. Rowen MD., was an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor in Miles City, still practicing when I moved to California in 1952. I don't recall a Doctor Rowland, but perhaps he/she was there , and I just don't r + 11 more characters
I could be wrong, but I thought it was Lyman Choate...
It is my understanding that the Slough was the original Tongue River bed, and the old 7th Street bridge was there for that reason. However that was before my time. I remember the March 1944 flood, bec + 196 more characters
Does anyone remember the Endurance Race from Jordan to Miles City, (in the late 1940's) that opened the Miles City Roundup? They only lasted about three years, I think.....
Was this a collision with an automobile? I do not see another train in the picture posted. I read about this yesterday in the Sacramento Bee, but it was a 1 column by 5" story without much detail.
"We don't need no stinking badges", is from "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre", Humphrey Bogart, Walter Houston, Tim Holt , Bruce Bennett and I believe the famous line was uttered by Alfred Montoya.
Martin..I don't want to continue to dredge up wounds, but parents need to be aware of these kinds of teachers and go to bat for their kids. Perhaps your parents should have gone directly to the princ + 725 more characters
Martin, my guess is that this teacher did not like nor understand boys. I've known many like her, and they should not be in the teaching profession. They are truly out of their element, and because t + 78 more characters
Nancy, you are correct about the Cheyenne tepees near the Tongue River, and seeing them on Main Street wrapped in kids we always wondered how they stood the summer heat with them on! Wh + 637 more characters
No, the freeway was not there when I grew up in Miles City. Spotted Eagle lake now sits I believe, where the Cheyennes camped every summer. They came up from Lame Deer, I think, and stayed for the sum + 267 more characters
Southeastern Montana is beautiful, and I've always thought it was the prettiest part of the state....after all, a mountain is a mountain is a can find them anywhere in the west! But + 344 more characters
Richard, would that be "according to Hoyle"?
You make some very good points, Steve. My concern is, as the government takes over more and more of the citizen's lives, the costs will go up, and the efficiency will go down.; the bureaucracy takes + 641 more characters
David, you are right, The World Health Organization, does indeed rate Italy's Health Care second to France! However, France includes spa treatments and taxi rides to the doctor, which they are lookin + 160 more characters
I cannot comment on the healh care in France, nor the state of their economy. However I intend to check on both, just for my own satisfaction..
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